Term length of Parish supervisor, town clerk will not be on November ballot

PARISH - Parish residents will not vote in November on increasing the terms of supervisor and town clerk from two to four years.

The town board had decided Aug. 15 to put the issue on the ballot for the Nov. 5 general election. Right now, the town clerk and supervisor serve for two years before coming up for election again.

Supervisor Mary Ann Phillips said at the Sept. 19 town board meeting that she was informed the town filed its paperwork too late to get the issue on the ballot. She said due to the change of New York’s state primary from September to June, all information for the Nov. 5 ballot needed to be filed with the board of elections by the end of July or early August.

“We were already too late,” she said.

She added she plans to bring this up again next year to get the issue on the ballot in 2020.

Phillips said in August she thinks the supervisor and town clerk job should be four-year terms because she believes it takes two years or more to learn all that is needed to do the jobs.

“There’s a lot you have to learn, a lot of training you have to go to and a lot of responsibility,” she told the board.

Mexico is the only one town in Oswego County with four-year terms for both supervisor and town clerk. The towns of Oswego, Orwell, New Haven, Minetto, Hannibal, Granby, Sandy Creek, Schroeppel, Richland and Scriba have two-year supervisor and four-year clerk terms.

The towns of Palermo, Hastings, Constantia, Boylston, Amboy, Albion, Redfield, Volney, West Monroe, Parish and Williamstown have two-year terms for both town clerk and supervisor.

There still will be a measure on the Nov. 5 ballot to increase the length of term for Oswego County legislators from two to four years.

Putting the issue on the ballot caused a bit of a stir in the legislature, as Republicans want the increase due to changes in the state’s election law giving them little time to serve before having to run again and not having enough time to learn the job before having to run again.

Democrats said at the legislature’s July 25 meeting that they weren’t against putting the issue on the ballot for a public vote, but they didn’t like the wording of the referendum. They wanted more than just an increase in the length of term — they also wanted term limits and a reduction of the number of legislators on the legislature.

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