Oswego city residents will not see increases in taxes or fees if the proposed 2020 city budget is approved by the Oswego Common Council.

The council is expected to vote on the proposed budget Aug. 26.

Mayor William Barlow Jr. presented his budget this week that holds the line on taxes, calling for no increases to any taxes or fees and does not use any of the city’s general fund to balance the budget.

Last year, Barlow and the Common Council enacted a 2.2 percent decrease in taxes, lowering the tax rate to $15.33 per $1,000 of assessed value. In early 2019, the city lowered the annual sewer bill for city residents by $200.

The 2020 proposed budget totals $45,210,488, a decrease from the 2019 budget total of $46,052,604.

Highlights of Barlow’s 2020 proposed budget include:

n No tax or fee increases

n Continued reduction in fire department, police department and department of public works overtime

n Continued investment in city buildings and equipment

n Restore a city engineer position

n Construction of a new facility for Oswego YMCA Skatepark & Recreation Center

n A $40,000 investment for technology upgrades

“The proposed 2020 operating budget is consistent with our first three budgets by continuing our investment into city infrastructure and equipment, allocating the proper resources to revitalizing our downtown and neighborhoods, focusing on our parks and waterfront, and ensuring we deliver the quality services our residents expect with no increase in cost,” Barlow said.

“Together, we’ve reduced city-wide overtime, cut costs, found efficiencies and improved services. I believe our forward progress reflects our strategic, return-on-investment driven strategy that we’ve adopted and will continue using,” he said. “Moving forward, I know my proposed 2020 budget ensures continued growth and success for our community as we invest in the proper places and cut waste throughout city government.”

The Oswego Common Council will debate this proposed budget and will make changes if necessary. Any amendments made by the Common Council by resolution to increase or decrease appropriations will affect the proposed tax rate.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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