OSWEGO COUNTY - New grants totaling $86.2 million, supporting 93 projects in central New York , were announced by the state Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) Dec. 19. Of that money, $4.3 million is designated for 11 projects in Oswego County.

According to the REDC, the projects and the amount of their respective awards are as follows:

Two projects involve Fulton’s former Nestle site. One, for $282,000 will develop a 9,000 square foot building on the site on Fay Street. The property will be leased by the Charter Communications Tech Ops Division which will locate its business to Fulton. The move will enable Charter Communications to be more centralized within their demographic service radius, thereby minimizing driving time for the technicians and increasing operational efficiency.

The second, larger, project, awarded $850,000, will redevelop the former Nestle site into the Manufacturing Start-Up Facility. The facility will provide 30,000 square feet of world class manufacturing space for innovative small manufacturing, and research and development companies with strong growth potential.

Lydall Performance Materials, Inc. was awarded $700,000 to recommission an idled part of its existing Volney factory. The company manufactures materials used in the global flooring manufacturing industry. The project involves machinery and equipment, site infrastructure, building improvements, and related systems. The recommissioned line will create new jobs, and retain the company’s statewide workforce.

Oswego County will receive $229,000 to winterize the historic main lodge at Camp Hollis for four-season use.

The county will also receive $576,545 to implement a shared public safety records management system for use by multiple police departments within the county. The shared service initiative will increase cohesive efforts and uniformity in reporting and related processes for the County Sheriff’s Department and local partner police departments. Sharing the implementation and utilization of the new software will realize a sizeable cost savings to each agency and induce long-term operational efficiencies.

The Port of Oswego was awarded $20,000 for an assessment of the possible construction of an entertainment venue that will provide a recreational and tourism draw for the region. This project will have integrated water access, state barge canal access, along with road access. Economic factors shall be included such as cost, area of draw and return on construction and operations.

The town of Oswego will receive $300,000 to construct sewer collection facilities along the town’s lakeshore. The project will eliminate on-site sanitary treatment systems by serving commercial and residential users with public sanitary sewer collection facilities. The project will also eliminate water quality impacts and increase sustainability and commercial development.

The town of Oswego will also receive $56,250 to develop a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) to define community revitalization goals, identify appropriate land and water uses, establish policies, and recommend public enhancements projects along its five-mile Lake Ontario waterfront. The LWRP will address economic and environmental resiliency, infrastructure, flooding and erosion, water quality, deteriorating and underutilized waterfront areas, and lack of public access and recreation opportunities.

The town of Sandy Creek was awarded $30,000 to complete a shoreline resiliency feasibility study to address natural and nature-based shoreline protection methods in response to flooding, erosion and water levels throughout the 17-mile Eastern Lake Ontario dunes system.

The largest single-project grant in the county was awarded to the village of Cleveland. The $1 million grant will be used to complete various improvements to the existing water system.

And finally, the last of the county’s 11 grants went to the village of Phoenix. The $290,000 awarded will assist in the renovation of mixed-use properties in the village’s downtown.

These are part of the ninth round of Regional Economic Development Council grants awarded across the state since 2011. In those nine years, central New York has received $789.8 million in REDC grants for 801 projects.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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