Sandy Creek awards water bid

Sandy Creek Town Hall. Emil Lippe/Watertown Daily Times

SANDY CREEK — The Town Board held a special meeting Wednesday afternoon to discuss the Sandy Creek-Richland Joint Water Project and the sewer study with engineer Anthony Young, P.E. of Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.

Barton & Loguidice is a privately held, full-service consulting firm that provides services in practice areas that include engineering, environmental science, planning and landscape architecture.

Due to COVID-19, this special meeting was held via Zoom with the public allowed to call in and listen. Town council members Ruthie Scheppard, John Wood Jr., Nola “Jeannie” Gove, Dave Warner, and supervisor Nancy Ridgeway were in virtual attendance on the Zoom call.

In May 2016, the Sandy Creek Town Board commissioned a study to evaluate the possibility of providing residents within the town of Sandy Creek and the town of Richland with safe drinking water.

Target service areas were identified based on evaluation of water interest survey results, aerial mapping, population densities, health department records, existing and planned water main routes in the towns of Richland and Sandy Creek, as well as through discussions with the town boards of both Richland and Sandy Creek.

On Wednesday, Mr. Young recapped for those on the call that the project had opened bids on April 8. Of the three bidders, the low bid came from WD Malone Trucking & Excavating, Inc. with ductile iron pipe and PVC.

According to Mr. Young, the low bid for PVC came in about $11.3 million. Ductile iron pipe came in around $2 million more. He said the current budget the town has right now is only about $11 million or just over, so the towns are in the process of increasing the total maximum project costs due to the additional grant that was received.

“We have nine additives, optional areas, throughout the water service areas to extend water to these nine different additional areas,” he said. “Once we have the state comptroller approval to increase the project costs, we will be able to award all nine additives, which will bring the total project cost to $12.9 million. We don’t know when this will be, but we don’t foresee any issues with this happening.”

In order to proceed, the town of Sandy Creek needed to pass a resolution to award the bid to WD Malone followed by a cost decrease change order that will reduce the total contract amount by about $250,000 to put the project onto the current budget.

All in attendance from the board voted to award the bid to WD Malone and sign the change order.

Mr. Young said it’s hard to say exactly when construction will start, but if he had to guess, it’d be four to five weeks at least. In his best-case scenario, he said construction would start mid-June. He also shared that the project had received DEC approval, which he said it had been working on for years.

As for the sewer study, it was decided that the scope of services would be revised and resubmitted to REDI to be approved. If this happens, then it will come before the board again and be officially voted on.

“We received a $190,000 grant on a $200,000 study,” he said. “Phase One is to reevaluate the sewer study that was completed throughout the last two years, reevaluate cost, everything that has changed over the last two years of water levels.

Phase One also will involve a round of interest surveys and seeing what the user cost is going to be. If it’s determined that it’s just not feasible, the study will end.

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