Service dog program, ‘Keep Oswego Clean’ OKed by common council

Debra J. Groom/Oswego County NewsOne of the many trash receptacles in downtown Oswego.

OSWEGO - The service dog program for disabled military veterans and the “Keep Oswego Clean Initiative” recently were adopted by the Oswego Common Council.

Mayor William Barlow Jr. proposed paying for a service dog program for disabled military veterans in the city, partnering with the Oswego County Veterans Agency and Director Jamie Hamlin to provide dogs to military veterans with a documented need for service animals.

The agreement between the city and county would allow the city to fund the purchase and training of a service animal, while the Oswego County Veterans Service Agency would identify local veterans and connect them to a trained service animal.

A trained service animal costs about $2,400 and the city’s agreement allocates $10,000 to serve the need in Oswego.

Also, the Common Council has approved the “Keep Oswego Clean Initiative” to protect the environment and reduce litter in the city.

The initiative focuses on preventing littering, banning smoking and vaping on city property, adds environmental protections and supports the New York States Plastic Bag ban set to take effect in 2020.

The proposals included in the Keep Oswego Clean Initiative are:

n Ban smoking, vaping and tobacco use on all city property and events

n Doubling the local fine for litter from $100 to $200

n Ban the sale and use of Styrofoam within city limits

n Doubling amount of trash cans in downtown and city parks

n Supporting the state plastic bag ban with “Keep Oswego Clean” reusable tote bags

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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