Oswego County villages vote Sept. 15 for local officials

OSWEGO — Seven of the county’s nine villages, all but Pulaski and Sandy Creek, voted Tuesday, Sept. 15, for local officials. Two of those seven also voted on a proposition to join with Pulaski and Sandy Creek in conforming to the county Board of Elections’ calendar which calls for village elections to coincide with the November general election cycle.

Here then, in alphabetical order, are the results of Tuesday’s voting:

The village of Central Square re-elected incumbent Millard Murphy to another two-year term with 56 votes. Ken Sherman was elected as a write-in candidate to fill the other open trustee position with 26 votes. There were a total of 10 write-in candidates garnering votes in this election. Former Trustee Heather Stevens received 11 votes, Tom Rienfred received four, three other write-in candidates received two votes apiece, and four other write-ins received one vote each.

Former incumbent village of Central Square Trustee Heather Stevens, although receiving 11 write-in votes, was not on Tuesday’s ballot, leaving one trustee position open to be filled by a write-in candidate. Stevens’ term normally would have expired this past June, but that election was postponed by gubernatorial executive order to Sept. 15 and Stevens remained on the board until then. Kay Foster, village of Central Square clerk said Wednesday morning, the village intends to consider newly-elected Ken Sherman’s official status to commence immediately. According to the New York Conference of Mayors, that is exactly the correct procedure in this COVID-altered election cycle.

In the village of Cleveland, incumbent Mayor Laureen Tackman was re-elected to another two-year term, defeating write-in candidate and village Trustee Christine Schreiber with 44 to 13 votes.

Village of Cleveland incumbent Trustee Robin Wilson was re-elected with 50 votes. Eric Cartier won the other available trustee seat with 53 votes. Both will serve two-year terms.

In the village of Hannibal, both incumbent Trustees Gordon Kellogg and Terry Mark Wilbur were re-elected to two-year terms with 18 votes each.

The village of Lacona re-elected unopposed incumbent Lyndon Glazier to another four-year term in a landslide of 19 votes. Lacona’s vote though on their proposition “Shall the village of Lacona change the village election to the November general election cycle?” was less one-sided. The proposition passed with 15 votes “Yes” and six votes “No.”

In the village of Mexico, both incumbent Trustees James Hotchkiss and Susan Linerode were re-elected to fill the two available two-year-term seats with 37 votes each. Robert Oustrich received one write-in vote.

In the village of Parish, incumbent Trustee Jacqueline Murphy was re-elected with 22 votes. Write-in candidate Thomas Louer was elected to fill the other available trustee seat with 8 votes.

In the village of Phoenix, two incumbent trustees were re-elected, though only one was on the ballot. Trustee David Pendergast, appearing on the ballot, was re-elected with 30 votes. Trustee Paul Griser, though not on the ballot, was re-elected to the other available trustee position with 21 write-in votes. Both men will serve two-year terms. There were nine other write-in candidates. Chris Watkins led the way among them with 12 write-in votes. The remaining eight write-in candidates received either one, two, or three votes.

The proposition as to whether to change the village of Phoenix election to the November general election cycle passed with 37 people voting “Yes” and eight people voting “No.”

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