Tax agreement for FitzPatrick plant OKed through 2023

File photoThe James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Station in Scriba, just east of Oswego.

A five-year tax agreement through the year 2023 for the James FitzPatrick nuclear plant has been approved between Oswego County, the Mexico school district, the town of Scriba and Exelon Generation.

The Oswego County Legislature approved the tax agreement June 26. The vote — 18 yes, 0 no and seven absent — came after the legislature conducted a public hearing on the agreement. No one from the public spoke at the hearing.

Scriba OKed the tax agreement in a 5-0 vote June 19 and the Mexico school board approved the agreement by in a 7-0 vote June 27.

All three taxing entities had to approve the negotiated tax agreement.

The new tax agreement covers the years 2019 through 2023. The amounts in the tax agreement are less than what Exelon paid each municipality in 2018.

The FitzPatrick plant, along with Nine Mile Point Units 1 and 2, are owned and operated by Exelon Generation. The company has had tax agreements with the municipalities and school districts for years instead of the plants being on the actual tax rolls.

Negotiators work to come up with amounts for the company to pay for each plant that are agreeable to both sides. These payments are made in lieu of the nuclear plants actually being placed on the tax rolls.

The negotiated amounts in the tax agreement are:

n 2019 through 2023 — $552,000 each year for Scriba

n 2019 through 2023 — $9,039,000 each year for the Mexico school district

n 2019 through 2023 — $4,209,000 each year for Oswego County

For the assessment roll year 2018, Exelon paid $866,142 to Scriba, $10,540,467 to the Mexico school district and $4,459,942 to the county for the FitzPatrick plant.

Payments from Exelon are made based on the following — Scriba receives 4 percent, Mexico schools receive 65.5 percent and the county receives 30.5 percent of the total amount for the FitzPatrick plant.

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