OSWEGO COUNTY – County Legislature Chairman James Weatherup took to YouTube late this afternoon to announce the third confirmed case of COVID-19 coronavirus in Oswego County.

“The Oswego County Health Dept. was notified today that an Oswego County resident between the ages of 60 and 70 is recovering at home after testing positive for the coronavirus COVID-19,” Mr. Weatherup said in his 4:30 p.m. video broadcast.

The county’s first two positive cases were announced two days ago.

Today’s individual recently returned from a domestic trip and has been in quarantine since undergoing testing several days ago, according to Mr. Weatherup.

Refusing to give out any further details on the patient, Mr. Weatherup kept to what was two days ago, and what may very well remain, the standard script.

“Our county Health Dept. is investigating and is working closely with the state Health Dept. to identify and notify any patient contacts,” he said.

Mr. Weatherup did, however, offer the county’s rationale for putting out such limited information.

“We realize that people are anxious and want to know where the positive cases are located,” he said. “Based on guidelines of the NY state Dept. of Health, and given the relatively small size of our community, Oswego County is determined not to identify the location of the positive COVID-19 patients at this time. This decision was made to protect the health, safety and privacy of all involved. There may be a time when it will be beneficial to our protective measures to do so. Based on consultation with our medical and emergency response teams, we don’t feel we are at that point yet.”

Next, Senior Public Health Educator with the Oswego County Health Dept. Diane Oldenburg updated the public on the results of testing within the county and shed light on the difference between precautionary quarantine and mandatory isolation or quarantine.

As of 3:25 p.m., “169 residents have been either scheduled for testing or are already tested,” Ms. Oldenburg said. “Of those that have been tested, we have three positive results; we have 106 negative results and 60 pending results right now.

“The Oswego County Health Dept. is monitoring 66 people under precautionary quarantine and nine people under mandatory isolation or quarantine.”

The difference between those two forms of quarantine, Ms. Oldenburg said, “is those residents under precautionary quarantine will be contacted daily by the Oswego County Health Dept., typically through text message or a phone call to check on how they’re feeling, look for signs or symptoms of illness, or a change in their overall status, or if they have any needs.

“Those who are under mandatory isolation or quarantine are contacted by the Health Dept. twice a day, once would be a face-to-face contact, and the second would be a follow-up, either by phone call, text message, could be FaceTime, again, to check their health status and to assure that they have everything they need to stay home while they recover.”

As of two days ago, 104 people had been tested or were scheduled to be tested for the virus. Sixty-four people were being monitored. Five people were under mandatory isolation or quarantine. There had been two positive results of these tests and 50 negative results.

Mr. Weatherup concluded the broadcast with information on future updates.

“Oswego County is broadcasting videos highlighting various COViD-19 topics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,” he said. “They are scheduled to be posted at 4:30 p.m. on the county’s COVID-19 YouTube playlist, and our link to the COVID-19 webpage at

“For more information about coronavirus, visit the webpage, or call the Oswego County Health Dept. COVID-19 hotline at 313-349-3330, or the NY state COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-364-3065.

“Thank you. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.”

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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