Village of Pulaski updates

PULASKI – Here’s an update on issues of note as discussed in a recent interview with Village of Pulaski Mayor Jan Tighe:

“Our Tree Committee has met, and we’re using a $2,000 grant we got from St. Lawrence/Eastern Lake Ontario, and we’re going to be able to plant 17 trees on Rome Road hopefully in October.”

Tighe explained how the Tree Committee decided on Rome Road as the site of their future tree planting.

“We took a village map,” she said, “and we marked up all the streets where the water project is going to happen, and marked up all the streets that are going to have sewer upgrades and where there’s going to be a sidewalk. And there was very little left. Rome Road is kind of an entrance to the village, and if we planted trees there, it would probably have more impact. There’ll be some oaks, some tulip trees, some maples, and Canadian bearberry. In the days of invasive species, you don’t want to plant all one (kind of) tree. That was the thought behind doing a variety. The Committee is very enthusiastic and very-well informed.”

The Committee consists of “five members plus myself and the DPW are ex officio.” Tighe said they vote “only when they need a quorum.”

On another topic, Tighe noted, “We’re hoping to get our car chargers installed within the next two weeks. There are four. Three will be regular, and one in a handicapped spot. They’re all behind the Snow Memorial Building. It’ll be 18 cents per kilowatt hour plus a 50 cent charge to use a credit card (as recommended by the installer). But, if it (the pricing) doesn’t work, it’s subject to change.”

Pulaski has put a lot of work and time into updating their zoning.

“We’re still waiting for our new zoning updates to come back from the state,” Tighe said. “There’s been some zoning changes, and we’ve added some new language. A committee worked on it for almost three years. The last time it was updated, I think, was in the ‘90s, so, it was overdue.”

Regarding Pulaski’s historic district, Tighe said, “We have a Historical Review Committee, because we do have an historic district. October-November is an open enrollment if anyone has a piece of property they would like to have put in an historical district, they can put in an application at that time, before the end of November, and it’ll be reviewed by the Historic Review Committee and see if it should be included in an historic district.”

Application forms are available in the Village Office at 4917 N. Jefferson St.

The Historic Review Committee is just one of Pulaski many committees. Tighe listed them all.

“Zoning, planning, historic, tree, water, sewer, and library,” she said.

Lastly, Tighe noted, “We’re still involved in the Solar Community Campaign with Omni Renewables. You get 10% off your bill, and the only two qualifications are: you get a National Grid bill, and you don’t already own solar panels. That’s almost like double-dipping then. We do get a subscription fee from Omni, and the board has decided to devote that money to repairing the arches that are down on the River Trail. Plus, we get points toward Climate Smart Community grants. It’s a win-win for everybody. It’s a state program and a state grant program.”

Here is a list of upcoming meetings in Pulaski:

Water Board: Oct. 12, 6:30 p.m. at the Snow Memorial Building.

Village Board: Oct. 12, 7:15 p.m. at the Snow Memorial Building.

Sewer Board: Oct. 14, 4 p.m. at the Snow Memorial Building.

Selkirk Landing Lottery: Oct. 18, 1 p.m. at the Snow Memorial Building.

Tree Committee: TBA – weather dependent – a Saturday in October

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