If all vote totals hold, Deana Michaels, a branch manager for Pathfinder Bank, will become mayor of Fulton come Jan. 1.

Thomas Benedetto, of Amboy, will take a seat on the Oswego County Family Court bench as a judge come the new year.

The countywide proposition to increase the term of office for county legislators from two years to four years crashed and burned, being defeated almost by a 2 to 1 margin — 11,516 no to 6,185 yes.

And Oswego Mayor William Barlow Jr. and District Attorney Gregory Oakes were re-elected. Both ran unopposed.

In contested legislature seats, Republican Michael Yerdon won District 1 (Sandy Creek, Boylston, Redfield), taking over for the retiring Margaret Kastler while Republican Herbert Yerdon won District 2 (all of Orwell, Albon and Williamstown and part of Richland), taking over for retiring Milferd Potter.

Shane Broadwell decided not to run again in District 17, covering part of the city of Oswego and Scriba. Taking his place come Jan. 1 will be Republican Laurie Mangano-Cornelius.

The legislature will consist of two Democrats and 23 Republicans as of January. Right now, there are five Democrats and 20 Republicans.

In Palermo, only one person was running for two open council seats, so perhaps the other seat will be filled with a write-in candidate.

Here are the vote totals with all districts reporting:

District Attorney

Gregory Oakes, R-C-I, 14,896

Family Court Judge

Thomas Benedetto, R-C, 11,636

Lou Anne Rucynski Coleman, independent, 5,353

Legislator District 1

James Macklen, Conservative, 239

Michael G. Yerdon, R, 480

Legislator District 2

Carl E. Anson Jr., C, 262

Herbert G. Yerdon, R, 539

Legislator District 3

Edward A. Gilson, R, 492

Legislator District 4

David M. Holst, R, 675

Legislator District 5

Roy Reehil, R, 461

Legislator District 6

John Martino, R, 383

Legislator District 7

Bradley Trudell, R, 910

Legislator District 8

Paul House, R-C-I, 493

Legislator District 9

James Weatherup, R-I, 392

Legislator District 10

Mary Ellen Chesbro, R-C, 495

Legislator District 11

Linda L. Lockwood, R, 491

Legislator District 12

Richard P. Kline, R-C, 495

Legislator District 13

Patrick Twiss, R, 686

Legislator District 14

Stephen Walpole, R-I, 605

Legislator District 15

Nathan Emmons, R-C-I, 481

Legislator District 16

Thomas Drumm, D-Workers, 421

Legislator District 17

Laurie Mangano-Cornelius, R-C-I, 582

Timothy F. Braun, independent, 298

Legislator District 18

Robert Wilmott, R-C-I, 538

Legislator District 19

Marie C. Schadt, D-C, 866

Legislator District 20

Tim Stahl, R-C, 399

Legislator District 21

Terry “Bucky” Wilbur, R-C-I, 759

Legislator District 22

James L. Karasek, R-C-I, 789

Legislator District 23

Morris Sorbello Jr., R-C, 517

Legislator District 24

Marc Greco, R-I, 665

Legislator District 25

Ralph Edward Stacy Jr., R, 573

City of Fulton


Ethan M. Parkhurst, independent, 215

David A. Webber, independent, 116

Deana M. Michaels, R-C, 1,331

Daniel T. Farfaglia, D-I-Workers, 763

Fulton Common Council

First Ward

Thomas G. Kenyon, C, 307

Second Ward

David Ritchie, C, 77

Ernesto Garcia, D, 81

Douglas R. Chapman, R, 91

Third Ward

Donald R. Patrick Jr., D-C, 531

Fourth Ward

John Kenyon, C-independent, 210

Samuel A. Vono, R, 165

Fifth Ward

Audrey L. Avery, R-C-independent, 224

Dennis Merlino, D-independent, 181

Sixth Ward

Lawrence E. Macner, R-D-C, 229

City of Oswego


William J. Barlow Jr., R-C-I

Council Ward 1

Susan K. McBrearty, D-Workers-Independent, 255

Andrew J. Hall, R, 101

Council Ward 2

Maureen A. Wills, D-Workers-Independent

Shawn Burridge, R-C-I

Council Ward 3

Kevin Hill, R-C-I, 171

Jonathan Ashline, D-Workers, 103

Council Ward 4

Shawn P. Walker, R-C-I, 312

Diane Zeller, D-Workers, 207

Council Ward 5

John B. Gosek, R, 306

Council Ward 6

Ronald Tesoriero, R-C-I, 219

Matthew Fleming, D-Workers, 147

Council Ward 7

Robert Corradino, R-C-I, 502



Michael S. Faulkner, R, 254

Town clerk

Amy J. Ford, R, 261

Councilman (pick two)

Carl E. Anson Sr., R-C, 193

Rick Stowell, D-R, 230

Highway Superintendent

Ted Bennett, R, 256



Kathleen M. Wilkinson, R, 168

Town clerk

Mary Ann Clark, D, 141

Councilman (pick two)

Lawrence C. Rayder, I, 134

Holly Harding, R, 165

Highway superintendent

John M. Perkins III, R, 175

Tax collector

Beverly A. Levreault, D, 134



Ann M. Stacy, R, 102

Town clerk

Paulette Walker, R, 109

Councilman (pick two)

John Macklen, R, 91

Danny J. Robbins, R, 110

Highway superintendent

Michael J. Stacy, R, 106

Tax collector

Shirley McNitt, R, 115



Kenneth C. Mosley, R, 467

Town clerk

Clare D. Haynes, R, 486

Councilman (pick two)

Richard T. Colesante, R, 438

John R. Metzger, R, 467

Highway Superintendent

Wayne Woolridge, R, 485



John Snow Jr., R, 741

Councilman (pick two)

Cheryl A. Holmes, R-I, 516

Brett Counterman, R-C, 596

Highway Superinendent

Daniel E. Duncan, R-C, 702

Peter E. Holmes, I, 193



Virginia M. Wilbur, C-I, 396

Floyd T. Calkins, R, 434

Town clerk

Denise Hafner, R, 634

Councilman (pick two)

Richard Rick Shoults, R-C, 616

Brenda Travis Wilson, R-C, 666

Highway superintendent

Jeffrey Jake Malcott, R, 658



Tony Bush, R-I, 862

Town clerk

Shelley Bombardo, R-I, 851

Councilman (pick two)

John Hill, R-I, 800

Kenneth Hotaling, R-I, 817

Highway superintendent

Michael Lewis, R-I, 852

Town justice

Stephanie O’Connell, R, 800



David Anderson, R-C, 868

Elizabeth R. Passer, independent, 324

Town clerk

Elizabeth Dishaw, R, 1,047

Councilman (pick two)

Larry Barber, R, 754

Russell Partrick, R, 789

Highway superintendent

George C. Peterson, independent, 432

Russell L. Marsden Jr., R-C-I, 776

Town justice

James Gracey, R, town justice, 775

MINETTO Supervisor

David J. Domicolo, R-independent, 263

Sean Stevens, Libertarian, 134

Councilman (pick two)

Michael J. Paestella, R-independent, 308

Andrew J. Wallace, R-independent, 325

Highway superintendent

Dominick A. Yacco, R-independent, 295

Town justice (pick one)

Annalise M. Dykas, C, 150

Kenneth G. Auyer, R, 281



Timothy M. Teifke, R, 447

Town clerk

Jennifer C. Woolson, R, 438

Councilman (pick two)

Mary E. Curcio, independent, 191

Frederick F. Wilbur, R-independent, 371

Dan Barney, R, 308

Highway superintendent

Robert L. Parkhurst, R, 422

Town justice

Dale E. Little, R, 423

ORWELL Supervisor

William G. Potter, R, 173

Town clerk

Write InShirley Downes, Independence

Councilman (pick two)

David E. Lake, R, 171

Jessica M. Steele, R, 147

Shirley Downes, Independence, 45

Highway superintendent

Douglas C. Henry, R-independent, 180

Town justice

Richard A. Roser, R, 180



Richard Kaulfuss, R-C, 748

Town clerk

Nikki Fowler, R-C, 831

Councilman (pick two)

Jonathan J. Fowler, R-C, 545

Richard Tesoriero, R-C, 739

Margaret A. Mahaney, D, 428

Highway superintenent

Robert Malone Jr., R-C, 856



Patricia A. Redhead, R, 338

Town clerk

Elisabeth Joy, R, 367

Councilman (pick two)

Robert Loomis, R, 349

Highway superintendent

James Pettit, R, 348

Town justice (pick two)

Donald Nipper, R-D-C-I-Green, 376

Robert Wood, R-D, 353



John Dunham, D-C-independent, 230

Mary Ann Phillips, R, 344

Town clerk

Virginia C. Brown, independent, 268

Kelly I. Reader, D-C-independent, 298

Councilman (pick two)

Michael A. Butcavage, C-independent, 85

Robin Eaton Novak, independent, 165

Shenvalee A. Lee, D-independent, 181

Gary E. Wood, R-independent, 325

George Richard Horning, R, 282

Highway superintendent

Craig I. Petit, R-D-C, 444

Tax collector

Katelyn M. Welytok, independent, 153

Kevin A. Dwyer, R-D-C, 380



Tanya M. Yerdon, D, 103

Town clerk

Susan C. Hough, R, 112

Councilman (pick two)

Carla M. Bauer, D, 89

Elaine S. Yerdon, D, 94

Highway superintendent

Russell B. Montieth, R, 111

Tax collector

Sue A. Harlander, R, 113



Daniel C. Krupke, R, 590

Town clerk

Mildred A. Newcomb, R, 635

Councilman (pick two)

Allen R. Goodsell, R, 515

Kern A. Yerdon, R, 564

Highway superintendent

John R. Fox, R, 608

Town justice (pick two)

James H. Ridgeway, R, 609

Judy M. Conger, R, 550



Nancy L. Ridgeway, R, 434

Councilman (pick two)

Nola J. Gove, R, 389

Austin D. Warner Jr., R, 399



Lynette Greco, R-C, 771

Town clerk

Darlene M. Owens, R-C, 825

Councilman (pick two)

Nicklaus Hoyt, R-C, 811

Lewis Sanford Hoyt, R, 689

Highway superintendent

Clifford J. Hoyt, R, 800

Town justice

Karen M. Brandt, R-C, 838



Kelly M. Lagoe, D-C-Independent, 584

James M. Oldenburg, R, 695

Councilman (pick two)

James J. Jackson, D, 523

Eileen Reitz Santoro, R, 810

Penny Shenefiel, R, 779

Highway superiontendent

Brian Simoneau, C, 412

Michael Barry, R-D, 841

Town Justice

Douglas G. Crouse, R, 1,002



Dennis C. Lockwood, R, 590

Town clerk

Sandra L. Austin, R, 588

Councilman (pick two)

Garry L. Stanard, R, 564

Edward T. Wavle, R, 532

Highway superintendent

Roger A. Dunsmoor, R-C, 621



Vern O. Sundet, R, 351

Town clerk

Cortney A. Rhinehardt, R, 368

Councilman (pick two)

Dale A. Maher, R, 325

Michael J. Walker, R, 329

Highway superintendent

Kevin Davis, R, 350



John Hamblin, R, 200

Town clerk

Faith Baker, R, 202

Councilman (pick two)

Todd Crump, R, 185

Andrew C. Trudell, R, 192

Highway superintendent

Henry H. Allen, R, 198



Mayor, Angel Rodriguez, R, 262

Trustee, (pick two)

Jan Karen Tighe, independent, 204

Trustee, Ryan McGrath, R, 243

Sandy Creek

Mayor, Lynn H. Miller, R, 102

Trustee, Sharon L. Turo, R, 100

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