POTSDAM — The village government is almost set in fortifying itself within the village’s civic center. The added security is a response to worrying times, according to Village Administrator Gregory O. Thompson.

“The situation itself is what got me thinking, it wasn’t what any one person did, it was the situation itself and given the current state of everything that’s happening in our country right now, unfortunately, it spurred a lot of thought in my mind of ‘what if,’” Mr. Thompson said.

An incident that occurred between a distraught village resident and the village employees in mid-November nudged Mr. Thompson in the direction of firming up security at the entrance to the village governmental offices, better safeguarding those who provide those first points of contact with the public. At a village board meeting on Dec. 17, Mr. Thompson gave an update on the improved security.

“Jim Corbett (village public works superintendent,) bless his soul, found some security windows that can be built into doors that we already own. So we’ve ordered two solid doors so that when they get there we’ll build those security windows into said doors and we’ll have both front end security on the civic center.

Along with the improved front door security, Mr. Thompson updated the public on another security venture that his been in the works for some time.

“DPW has run the wiring for the camera system throughout the civic center. Cameras are set for delivery within the next few weeks. “It’s my hope that around the first of the year we’ll have complete camera coverage throughout the civic center,” Mr. Thompson said.

Mr. Thompson had said that with money exchanging hands so frequently in the village office, and with so many people passing through the doors and halls, that cameras were a necessity. Mr. Thompson said the camera system would cost around $10,000. He did not say how much the installation of the front office security would cost.

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