AUBURN — The health and safety of students and staff have always been the top priorities for Cayuga Community College, and they will continue to be principal factors as the college shifts to a distance learning format in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The college is working with local, state, and public health officials and SUNY leaders to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone at Cayuga and in the surrounding communities. Enhanced cleaning measures to prevent the spread of any viruses continue on both campuses.

At the same time, Cayuga continues to remain dedicated to its academic mission and providing essential support services for students. Cayuga leadership had already started designing plans to shift most courses to a distance learning model in response to COVID-19 when Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this week that SUNY institutions would primarily shift to this format.

Classes will continue in the current schedule and format through March 19. As of the morning of March 20, the majority of courses on both campuses will shift to a distance learning model. This format will continue until further notice. Faculty members are communicating with students to convey the specific information, guidance and support they need for this change. Portions of some small classes may still run on campus as academic leaders ensure educational continuity while respecting stringent standards of health and safety. This information will be communicated with students by their course instructors.

While courses are moving online, both campuses will be open, and all in-person support services will still be available to students. Students can access both campuses as needed.

As of March 13, the Cayuga Community College Childcare Center will remain open. Cayuga has instituted enhanced cleaning operations at the center, including a deep-clean process each weekend to prevent the spread of any viruses. Additional guidance on the operation of the childcare center will be communicated with parents and guardians.

Partnership programs with area school districts are continuing but are undergoing consistent evaluations for health and safety. School district leaders are being consulted in these decisions.

The National Junior College Athletic Association has suspended all athletic contests from Saturday, March 14 to Friday, April 3. The NJCAA Board of Regents is expected to meet that day and will issue further guidance on the remainder of the season. Cayuga spring sports will continue to practice for the time being.

On-campus events are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with health and safety the foremost factors in whether these events continue.

College leadership will continue reviewing COVID-19 developments, and guidance from local, state and public health officials will inform all future decisions. The health of students, staff and the surrounding community will be the priority in all decisions made by the college.

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