The spikes that adorn the outer surface of the coronavirus, which impart the look of a corona, when viewed through an electron microscope. CDC photo

WATERTOWN — Nearly 30 tests for COVID-19 have come back negative in Jefferson County, while the number of positive cases holds at one.

Stephen A. Jennings, a health planner at the county public health service, provided a coronavirus situation update to the Times at around 3 p.m. on Thursday. He said there were no new cases since the first was confirmed in Jefferson County on Tuesday. That individual remains in mandatory isolation and is continuing to be monitored by the public health service.

Mr. Jennings said 26 tests for COVID-19, most coming back on Wednesday, were negative. Those individuals were all in precautionary quarantine or self isolation but have since been released.

Under current state Department of Health COVID-19 testing guidance, health care providers are now able to conduct COVID-19 testing without authorization from county health departments. Mr. Jennings said of the cases reported to his office by providers, 80 individuals in Jefferson County are now in precautionary quarantine and are being monitored by the public health service. Around 48 of them are on Fort Drum, he said.

As of Thursday morning, there were 4,152 positive COVID-19 cases in the state. Of those individuals, 777 required hospitalization, or 19 percent. That’s decreased from Wednesday, when 23 percent of the confirmed cases required hospitalization. The decrease doesn’t show a definite downward trend, Mr. Jennings said, as numbers are changing every day.

“That’s the number we’ll keep a close eye on,” Mr. Jennings said of those who required hospitalization. “I’m going to keep following it.”

He’s asking the public to visit the public health service website, which is constantly being updated with factual information on COVID-19.

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What about the patients of a local doctor who have been called and asked to self quarantine?

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