Jefferson County reports COVID death

A COVID-19 particle is pictured in this image provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention /Tribune News Service

CANTON — Jefferson County reported a death due to COVID-19 on Tuesday on the same day that St. Lawrence County reported 52 new cases of the disease.

“Tragically, we have experienced another death — bringing that total to 89 since the pandemic began. All our condolences go out to the family who lost their loved one,” Jefferson County Deputy Administrator Sarah H. Baldwin wrote in an email to the media.

After reporting updates just twice a week for the last several weeks, St. Lawrence County has returned to daily updates, the interim Director of Public Health Jolene Munger said Tuesday.

“There were 260 tests performed since yesterday in Jefferson County with 17 positive results. Mandatory isolations have increased by 6 and hospitalizations are up by 1 to 9,” Mrs. Baldwin said in her email.

“There are no Nursing Home or Assisted Living cases, and no precautionary quarantines. Recoveries have increased by 9, but there are 52 more Mandatory Quarantines,” she wrote.

In St. Lawrence County, there are 259 known active cases in the county, up from 232 on Monday, according to the Tuesday release from Public Health. The report lists 17 people in the hospital Tuesday, up from 14 on Monday. Since the pandemic began in March of 2020 there have been 97 deaths attributed to the disease in St. Lawrence County.

There were 268 tests administered from noon Monday to noon Tuesday in St. Lawrence County.

The sudden increase in cases in St. Lawrence County is not related to the return of college students, Ms. Munger said.

“Our colleges all have vaccine mandates,” Ms. Munger said.

Ms. Munger said unvaccinated people need to take advantage of the many sources of vaccination in the county, which can be found on Among those eligible in St. Lawrence County, just 50.7% have been vaccinated, she said.

She said people need to return to wearing masks indoors, keeping distant from others, even when outside, and washing hands frequently.

A recent rise in gastrointestinal diseases in the area could be an indication that people are not taking hand washing as seriously as they did earlier in the pandemic, she said.

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Farmer Liz

And now the Brava Italiana festival is back on...not exactly helping keep the numbers down.


I blame those non-vaccinated to believers of social media posts...when they boo at rallies when Trump says to get a shot...and cheer when Biden missed the 70% goal...that's a mentality you can't change...sad... these people can't handle 5th grade math but they're experts in epidemiology... God help us..

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