WANTAGH — Government must take the lead to stimulate the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Sunday, as campgrounds, RV parks and veterinarian services are set to reopen statewide.

Campground and RV parks will open statewide Monday, the governor said. State park beaches are open, and all beaches are operating at 50 percent capacity to reduce crowds or population density, which aggravates the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Be smart,” Gov. Cuomo warned New Yorkers during an outdoor pandemic briefing at Jones Beach Theater on Sunday afternoon, as more industries resume business.

Officials do not anticipate implementing other regulations — such as designated beach-going days for New Yorkers by license plate number — as long as people do not overcrowd areas and maintain social distancing.

“We’re following the numbers — not the emotions,” the governor added. “This is a public health question about stopping the disease. Next week is a function of what we do today.”

All veterinarian practices are permitted to resume statewide Tuesday.

Former Google CEO and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt headed up a state Blue-Ribbon Commission on May 6 to “reimagine,” or develop ways to improve, the state’s healthcare and education systems. The 15-member commission is focused on improving telehealth and broadband access using new technology, and includes officials from various industries, organizations and universities across the state.

Government must play a role in stimulating the economy as many U.S. states face budget deficits of billions of dollars, Gov. Cuomo said.

“How does this commission come up with ideas to jumpstart the economy...to get the private sector engaged and confident and people in a position where they’ll invest once again?” the governor asked. “Let’s make sure we’re better for what we’ve gone through...We’re writing history in America for a modern-day governmental and societal response.”

Government must “think big” with its projects moving forward, Gov. Cuomo said, suggesting long-needed improvements to U.S. infrastructure, such as airports, mass public transportation systems, updating roads and bridges and a new public health system.

The governor did not discuss estimated project costs or what part of the state budget could fund the initiatives. Over the last two months, Gov. Cuomo and state Budget Director Robert Mujica have said they expect New York to see a $61 billion budget shortfall over four years because of unforeseen pandemic expenses.

“Let’s build that new public health system,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Let government lead the way.

“...We built New York,” the governor continued. “We did it, and we can do it again.”

New York’s COVID-19 fatalities reached 22,619 on Sunday — up from 22,510 on Saturday. Johns Hopkins University & Medicine’s online COVID-19 tracker, which includes probable virus deaths in its tally, listed the state’s virus death toll as 29,141 on Sunday afternoon.

The state saw 109 virus-related deaths Saturday, including 82 in hospitals and 27 in nursing homes. New York’s COVID-19 death rate is fluctuating, but on a decline after totaling 84 fatalities Friday, 109 on Thursday and 105 on Wednesday.

The state tested 1,699,826 people by Sunday, revealing 361,515 total positive cases of the virus. New York’s hospitalization rates continued a downward trend to 4,393 patients Sunday, according to the governor’s office.

New York professional sports league training camps were cleared to restart Sunday, Gov. Cuomo said. Leagues must follow mandated state Department of Health social distancing protocols.

The governor encourages professional sports to resume without fans and televise events. Earlier this month, officials said they would work with teams, arenas and franchises to make the idea feasible.

“Work out the economics if you can,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We are working and encouraging all sports teams to start training camps as soon as possible. We want people to be able to watch sports. It’s a return to normalcy.”

State officials continue to study the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which ravaged the state and nation for more than two years. St. Louis and Denver both experienced sharp increases in deaths after relaxing stay-at-home orders. In Denver, the deaths spiked worse than the first wave.

Gov. Cuomo pointed to a recent study highlighted in The Washington Post on Sunday that shows 24 states may have uncontrolled COVID-19 growth to reiterate why New Yorkers must continue to wear face masks or coverings in public, wash their hands and remain six feet from other people.

“They reinforce the point we have been making,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Follow the numbers, follow the science. That’s why you see our curve coming down when many places in the country are going up.”

Long Island remains two criteria away from reopening, but is on track to reopen by Wednesday, if the area’s number of virus deaths continues to drop. The region’s contact tracing operation is expected to be completed and online by Wednesday.

Gov. Cuomo urged New Yorkers to get a free diagnostic test at one of more than 760 sites statewide. Frontline workers, New Yorkers who come in contact with a COVID-19-positive person or anyone with symptoms should get tested and will be prioritized to receive a diagnostic test.

“If you’re infected, we don’t want any delay,” Gov. Cuomo explained. “I want to know right now and start contact tracing. Getting that data is very important to us. It’s all private, but we want to know where the infection is coming from so we can, like a laser beam, focus on those areas.”

Repeat diagnostic tests are permitted. To schedule a free COVID-19 test, visit coronavirus.health.ny.gov.

With millions of unemployed New Yorkers, the demand on state food banks has skyrocketed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, said officials, who are requesting assistance from philanthropies.

To help or provide assistance to local food banks, send an email to COVIDphilanthropies@exec.ny.gov.

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(2) comments

Charlie McGrath

"Government must take the lead.""Government must think big." Huge infrastructure improvements. "Let's build that new public health system. Let the government lead the way." Reimagine" "Did not estimate costs." "Work out the economics if you can." "How can this (government) commission get the private sector engaged and confident?" "$61 billion budget shortfall." With all these "hints" it shows that the NYS government wants to control but is not capable of bringing the economy forward. In order to accomplish all of these public projects taxes will have to substantially increase. The ONLY way is and has been a FREE private sector who produces ALL of the wealth the government confiscates to redistribute. When no wealth is being produced there is none to confiscate unless you confiscate existing wealth. Big government seems always to be their answer.

hermit thrush

no, no, and no. this is the kind of hooverism that got us into the great depression.

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