cdc spore

The spikes that adorn the outer surface of the coronavirus, which impart the look of a corona, when viewed through an electron microscope. CDC photo

WATERTOWN — Jefferson County confirmed one new COVID-19 case Friday, bringing the county’s total number of confirmed cases to 80.

The county’s total number of recoveries from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus remains at 74.

There are six people in mandatory isolation and no one is hospitalized with the disease, resulting in six known active cases of the disease left in the county.

To date, 6,085 people have been tested with 6,005 negative results. There are no results pending, according to the county’s daily press release update.

There are 111 people in precautionary quarantine and 53 people in mandatory quarantine.

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Why can I find out more about what is happening regarding Covid 19 in the counties and TOWNS of other states such as NH, PA, and WI than I can in my own back yard in Jefferson County. Why do we put up with this and elect these control personalities time and time again?


Since there are so few active cases in Jefferson County it would be helpful to learn how the new cases got exposed. Without violating privacy, one could let us know if the new cases came from outside the county or from contact with known cases tracing missed. What are the quarantine requirements for travelers from outside the county, such as seasonal residents?

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