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MASSENA — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said this week that the state is collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a blueprint to “reimagine education in the new normal.”

The state and foundation will look at several areas to consider what education should look like in the future including, “How can we use technology to provide more opportunities to students no matter where they are?” and “How can we provide shared education among schools and colleges using technology?”

What that means for the future of education remains to be seen, but Massena Central School Superintendent Patrick Brady said it’s too early to make a guess.

“I would need to hear more about what the governor means by reimagining,” he said.

Mr. Brady said students are reacting positively to the remote learning that was necessitated by the arrival of the coronavirus.

“The remote learning unleashed a great deal of creativity for our students and staff, experiences that will enhance education when they get back to what the normal is going to be,” he said.

Mr. Brady said the district was prepared for remote learning before it became necessary.

“We’ve been designating considerable resources to improving technology in our instruction — smart boards, Chromebooks, Google Classroom, i-ready. When the pandemic occurred, we were in a very strong position to do remote learning. We could provide every child with a Chromebook,” he said.

In addition, he said, teachers and staff joined students in stepping up to the challenge.

Still, he said, remote learning may not be the best way to continue educating students.

“I do not believe that remote learning on its own can replace the personal attention that great teachers provide in the classroom,” Mr. Brady said.

He said remote learning could take away some of the necessary socialization students receive in public schools.

“I’m hearing loud and clear, they want to be in school, they want to be with their friends, they want to be with their teachers and in the classrooms learning. I don’t think a remote system is going to be beneficial to students. Research is clear, a teacher in the classroom has the most impact on student learning,” he said.

Some students also don’t have access to the internet, or the service might be spotty.

“Not all home environments are conducive to focused and sustained learning,” Mr. Brady said. “We have a lot of questions. Reimagining education, what does that mean? We’re certainly open to ideas.”

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I think the State is overstepping here. It was not that long ago that the State subsidized lime/sulfur bags for all the one room schoolhouses's outhouses. As a public health service, to cover fecal material oozing all sorts of foul parasites and disease. The locals administered the lime. Ahhh the good ole days..........when most kids had a sibling or two that succumbed to some dreadful disease. The reality is we will have a few failures in stopping these diseases, and more than likely, its going to get worse as the diseases develop immunity from the current drugs. Isolate the weak, so the healthy can improve the earth...........a simpler format. Sort like the bubble boy episodes of Seinfeild.


We don't need to re-imagine or make the 'new normal'. What’s most worrisome is that we’re still berated by the same tired narrative in some odd combination of Stockholm syndrome and Groundhog’s Day. We need to methodically return to normal with optimism, composure, and some degree of vigilance. That’s it. Otherwise, these insufferable and exhausting notions of a “new normal” are just echoes from the same anxious, hysterical refrains that currently overwhelm the conversation and drown out reason and common sense. The only new normal we need is a new normal that is holding the media and politicians accountable for their destructive actions. And China, too.

Holmes -- the real one

Ahh -- the requisite fake "Holmes" plagiarized comment:

This one comes from here:


"common sense" from our Trump supporter! Common Sense says you don't elect a president who owes hundreds of millions to foreign banks (as Trump does)! Common Sense says you don't elect a president who was banging adult film stars while his third wife was pregnant.


Better idea - let's re-imagine state government!


Your a fool. Follow sheep follow us we demand. NYS is will continue to decline with the liberals like you. Stay closed!!!!!Stay home!!! But do not step on my rights. Follow your sheep weak people.

Holmes -- the real one

"DJT"(the J of course, is for jenius)

Thanks for providing an example to answer my questions about critical thinking skills and your view of education.


Liberals are in the drivers seat Just throw more tax money at it.

Holmes -- the real one

so "DJT" (the J is for jenius) --

What do you think should be done?

Is education important?

How were you educated?

Has that proved to be satisfactory as to providing you with good critical thinking skills, excellent creative abilities, a challenging and fulfilling career, and a place of respect and honor in the society?


Sorry homey, not everyone is a genius like you. They probably went to a public school or a state college.

Holmes -- the real one

Tell us some more about your 2 STEM degrees.


You mean Trump University?

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