WATERTOWN — Jefferson County reported no new confirmed cases of coronavirus Tuesday, but said three people have recovered after having the virus.

To date, there have been 12 confirmed cases of the virus in the county; 339 people have tested negative for the virus and there are 74 results pending. 

Nine people remain in mandatory isolation, 23 in mandatory quarantine and 81 in precautionary quarantine. 

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A moment to play devil's advocate.

The CDC posted there were 2,700,000 deaths in the US last year from various causes. Over half of the deaths were underlying conditions which caused pneumonia or pneumonia itself.

There was no superior expenditure to overcome that number. It was considered normal, end of life. Then along came covid 19.

My question is, will covid increase deaths in the US, currently 740 per hundred thousand, or be a mere substitute to the deaths that were going to happen. In other words, are the million or so deaths by pneumonia going to increase or stay the same, will the 740 deaths per hundred thousand stay level or increase, and will it increase substantially.

The answer to those questions then raise context to the cost of saving lives, government shutdowns etc. Its a nice platitude to say you are willing to spend what it takes to save a life, but that is nonsense. We are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money to save a life, no more.

When Fauci says 200,000 may die from covid, is he referring to the number above the generally expected mortality rate, or is the disease this year's swine flu, substituting a new flu for an old flu.

I agree with social distancing etc. , but I would like a rational and objective number base to deal with. What's the harm, what's the change, what's the data, what's the delta?

Again, I don't wish to be heartless, just informed. '


In a bad year, we have 80,000 deaths from the flu. A projected 200,000 Deaths from Corvus-19 is clearly higher. And they aren’t all people who would have died under normal circumstances. In fact, 60% of the people being hospitalized with the Coronavirus have no underlying conditions. So yes, corvid-19 will likely be increasing the number of deaths by a considerable amount.


Dear Bdgardam, Thank you for your response, and I dont mean to sound thick as a brick, but the numbers still do not appear to be that alarming without more clarity. For example, 80,000 normal flu deaths and 200,000 covid deaths , on the surface means 120,000 increase.................until one assumes a percentage of deaths then have no underlying cause. If covid has a 40 perecent no underlying cause, then we expect 80,000 flu deaths. Same as last year, but the remaining 120,000 are they underlying as in last year (almost a million) or in addition to. Will the mortality rate per 100,000 increase? Maybe I am not explaining my question clearly.


Look at the President's expert and the President's analysis. By doing nothing 1 million to 2.2 million would have died. 80,000 is not a normal flu death #alsoaverages are 24Kto 64K/year. For a simple example of contagion,

with CV19, the initialinfection in New Rochelle initiated by a lawyer attending various large events was 1 person infecting 178 people. This is nothing to scoff at or repeat FOx News or OAN claims downplaying

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