Image courtesy of the Georgia Department of Public Health.

WATERTOWN — Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties each reported one new COVID-19 death Thursday.

The tri-county area also reported a combined 472 new virus cases.

The death in St. Lawrence County brings the county’s total number of deaths since the onset of the pandemic to 159, while the death in Jefferson County brings its total to 145.

Jefferson County reported 248 new virus cases, by far its highest one-day total since the start of the pandemic. County Administrator Robert F. Hagemann III said the increased number of cases is at least partly due to a significant number of at-home positive tests that are now being reported to Public Health.

The new virus cases bring the county’s total to 15,235. There are 21 people in the hospital due to the virus, up two patients from Wednesday.

St. Lawrence County reported 184 new virus cases, bringing its total to 17,654. Thirteen people are hospitalized, a decrease of six from Wednesday.

Lewis County reported 40 cases, bringing its total to 4,489. Ten people are hospitalized, down two from Wednesday. The county has experienced 39 deaths.

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Remember where we live...a very Conservative part of NYS...Fox News Followers that take their instruction from Trump and Stefanik who celebrated at his post July 4th rally Biden not hitting his vaccination goal...and the crowd cheered... that's what we're up against... you reap what you sow. Politics before health... madness ...

Pat Luppens

If the New York politicians were not greedy and stupid this law would be enacted: No vax/shot card no entry to hospitals. Doctors and nurses are quitting and even committing suicide under the pressure. People in need of health care are being turned away for lack of beds. There is no excuse for not getting vaccinated. If this continues more and more variants will be generated until one of them is unstoppable and the human population is decimated. Maybe not a bad thing.

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