N.Y. COVID hospitalizations at new low since mid-March


NEW YORK — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that the state’s COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU patients were at a new low since mid-March, and urged its residents to continue following the protocols that fueled New York’s declining coronavirus numbers.

The latest statewide figures indicated hospitalizations on Friday were down to 646, the lowest figure since March 18, while the number of patients in intensive care units stood at 149 — the least since March 15.

“It’s essential that we stay vigilant by social distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands as this pandemic is far from over,” said the governor, sounding a cautionary note despite the decline. “I urge everyone to stay New York tough and New York smart.”

While the news was heartening, Cuomo said this was no time for New Yorkers to become overconfident in the war against the lethal virus.

The latest New York state death toll stood at 25,103 with the latest 10 victims included in Saturday’s numbers.

The figures for New Yorkers testing positive also remained low, with slightly more than 1% of the 71,466 tests returned Friday indicating coronavirus infection.

“New York’s numbers continue to show progress in the midst of alarming increased in COVID-19 cases throughout the country and a renewed need to ensure compliance with state guidance here at home,” said Cuomo.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the number of U.S. cases broke the 4 million mark on Friday, with 143,868 deaths linked to coronavirus.

In Texas, where there are 361,125 positive cases, hundreds of local bar owners said they would defy Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to shut down after a surge in coronavirus cases.

The death toll in Florida, another hotspot state, climbed above 5,500 amid the 385,091 people diagnosed with COVID-19.

Tribune Wire

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