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WATERTOWN — Jefferson-Lewis BOCES and St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES announced Saturday that Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties will close their school districts for at least the next month due to coronavirus.

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Student attendance in all Lewis County schools, Jefferson County schools, as well as town of Webb Union Free School District and Adirondack Central School District, will be closed from Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 17.

School staff should still report on Monday.

A state of emergency was declared by the St. Lawrence County Board of Directors. In consultation with St. Lawrence County and St. Lawrence Public Health, the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES and its 18 school districts, St. Lawrence County will close its schools until at least April 20. Beginning March 23, districts in St. Lawrence County will provide breakfast and lunch to students 18 years old and younger. Details about the process and procedures for food distribution will be forthcoming.

The districts and public health in St. Lawrence County said in a release that they will reevaluate the return of staff and students prior to the 20th to determine whether or not it is safe to return.

“The action taken today is not something that has been taken lightly. We understand the potential hardship this may create for students and families in the region,” a press release from BOCES said. “However, the health and safety of our students, staff and community remains our first priority.”

School business and support functions will remain in place throughout the closure period in order to provide critical health services, food distribution mechanisms and facility maintenance.

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I'll volunteer for a couple neighbors I like. Could be fun! Retired and a bit bored. This Boomer is not removed yet!


Schools in other states are using bus routes to distribute food.


An extreme and life-changing decision. But ever so prudent in the context of minimizing the strain on our healthcare facilities and workers and saving lives.


Who is going to take of the children while their parents work?

If lucky enough to find child care, how are the parents suppose to pay for it?


1. Talk to your boss.

2. Get on the same page with your parenting partner.

3. How can technology help?

4. Mobilize your village (relatives, friends, neighbors). How can they help?

5. Remember the big picture. We must lead our children through this potentially scary time. We must use it as an opportunity to talk about what matters most and how we can work together as a team. This crisis highlights the interconnectedness of our world and our responsibilities to others.

(Harvard Business Review)


Apparently you don’t live paycheck to paycheck.

1-boss has a business to run

2-parenting partner also works

3-friends and relatives are in same position

4-teaching my kids about what matters is very important, but does not explain to them why we may have to move when we can’t pay our mortgage or buy groceries


coldbrunette, I know it's hard to imagine but your boss, who "has a business to run," is going to have to run it differently. Considering the crisis, his or her priorities are going to have to change. Now, he or she will have to run a business that, first and foremost, minimizes workplace and community spread of COVID-19, followed by everyone in the workplace, including him or her, making adjustments, compromises and sacrifices that prevent everyone, their families, and the business from being compromised, imperiled or "ruined." It's time for everyone at your workplace to collaborate and define a path forward.

The same needs to happen at your parenting partner's workplace.

Everyone in your workplace and your partner's must shed the myopic shackle of "boss has a business to run," and revert to thinking and imagining with wisdom and compassion.

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