MWCS plan to reopen is set


MADRID — Madrid-Waddington Central School officials spent an hour on Wednesday fielding questions from the community about their proposed reopening plan for the 2020-21 school year.

About 72 people took part in the Facebook Live discussion with Superintendent Eric Burke, elementary Principal Matt Daley and high school Principal Joe Binion.

Mr. Burke said they had sent out an initial survey and had “great response” from parents.

“For the majority of the students ready to come back, the parents want them back in school. That played a large role in what we’re looking to do,” he said.

He said they were planning for three options for instruction, including a full five-day in-person instructional model. He said, with a medium-sized enrollment, large classrooms and two bus runs, they could offer that learning mode.

“Right now we can do that and meet all of the regulations. We’re thrilled to be able to do that. The plan is designed to accommodate all students and meet all regulatory requirements,” Mr. Burke said.

A hybrid model would have students meeting in person for instruction every other day and taking part in remote learning the other days. That would be used if state regulations changed or the five-day in-person instruction didn’t work.

The third option would be all students learning remotely from home.

The fully in-person and hybrid models give parents a choice of sending their children to school or taking part in remote learning from home.

“If they’re learning remotely, they will have time to shut the computer off, so it’s not going to be six straight hours on the computer,” Mr. Burke said.

Mr. Daley said they’re waiting to hear from parents to determine how many students will be returning to school. That information, which is due on Monday, will help determine what the elementary program will look like.

“Right now we’re looking at possibly two or three sessions of UPK (Universal Pre-Kindergarten) based on the number of students who decide to participate this year. We just need to find out who’s going to be here and how many are going to be here in terms of numbers,” he said.

He said, for elementary students who are taking part in remote learning, each day’s lesson will be recorded and uploaded to a site where parents can access it if necessary after school or after work. Those students will also have the option to participate live from home.

Mr. Binion said high school students taking part in in-person instruction will have their regular teachers and switch classes as normal while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.

Students in grades seven through 12 who are learning remotely will follow the same daily schedule as students meeting in person at the school and will have the same teachers.

“They will just sign into Google Meet to access the classroom from home, he said. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom so students can keep up with the work.

Lunches will be brought to and served in the classrooms. The teacher will remain in the classroom to supervise, and students will continue to maintain adequate social distancing.

Mr. Burke said a student attending in person who gets sick, they’ll have the option to tune in while recovering at home.

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