CAPE VINCENT — The Snug Harbor Bar Restaurant Marina and Hideaway in Cape Vincent is temporarily closed after it was learned that an employee was exposed to the coronavirus.

The employee, who mainly works in the back, came in contact with a person with COVID-19 from working at their second job at a hotel and not at the restaurant, according to Snug Harbor’s Facebook page.

The entire staff is getting tested and the owners hope to reopen Thursday after the results come back and once a thorough cleaning of the restaurant is completed, according to the Facebook post.

The employee worked Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The person who has the virus was a guest of the hotel and not an employee.

Employees wear facial coverings while they work, the owners wrote.

“Keep in mind we feel the chances are low that one of us is positive as we are all wearing masks and social distancing but we want to be certain,” the owners posted.

For the privacy of the staff, the owners are not releasing any more information. The restaurant will not reopen until its safe for staff and its customers, the owners said.

In June, the owners asked Snug harbor customers to follow the state’s guidelines for wearing masks and six-feet social distancing rules after some customers did not obey them.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Customers refusing to wear masks just don't get it that they're costing businesses to close down...and frankly they don't care.. see them in stores daily.. need fines and closure to stores to get results..

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