Renee Stauffer’s home sewn medical masks, some with ties, some with elastic bands. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

FORT DRUM — The Department of Defense is advising that everyone should follow Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and immediately start wearing masks when they’re on post.

Fort Drum posted on Facebook about it on Monday after getting notified by the DOD over the weekend.

The DOD memo states that “effective immediately, to the extent practical, all individuals on DOD property, installations, and facilities will wear cloth face coverings when they cannot maintain six feet of social distance in public areas or work centers.”

According to the Facebook posting to the Fort Drum community, it applies to all soldiers, family members, civilians, contractors and anyone else on property who cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet or more from other individuals. This does not apply when you’re in your household.”

They’re encouraged to wear face coverings from household items or common materials, such as clean T-shirts or other clean cloths that can cover the nose and mouth area.

Medical personal protective equipment, such as N95 respirators or surgical masks, must not be used because they are reserved for medical personnel.

On Friday, President Donald J. Trump said the CDC recommends people to wear cloth masks that are homemade or purchased online to prevent transmission of the virus. By doing so, it reserves higher-grade protective gear such as N95 respirators for medical workers and hospitals.

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hermit thrush

how on earth do we not have enough masks?


Your neck gaiter will do nicely.

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