St. Lawrence Central students use YouTube for school announcements

School is closed, but St. Lawrence Central School students John Snyder and Jace Dutch continue to make morning announcements from their homes every weekday on YouTube.

BRASHER FALLS — School doors may be closed, but the morning announcements go on at St. Lawrence Central’s middle and high schools.

Students John Snyder and Jace Dutch make the announcements from their homes, send them to high school Principal Kristen Zender at night, and she uploads them to the students’ YouTube channel.

“It’s really about a 12-hour delay,” Mrs. Zender said.

The links to the “John and Dutch Morning Show” are posted on the district’s Facebook page, The first show hit YouTube on Monday morning.

“By Sunday night, they had an episode to go,” Mrs. Zender said.

Mr. Snyder and Mr. Dutch’s morning announcements have covered various topics over the first three days. On day one, it was the coronavirus, online classes and the weather.

“Hope you’re all doing your homework, and you should be because school matters for everybody. Thank your teachers because they’re probably putting in so much work right now to make sure you learn,” Mr. Snyder said.

Day two included the weather, Zoom and Regents exams.

“I think they should be scaled down a bit,” Mr. Dutch said of the Regents exams.

The subjects for day three on Wednesday included the weather and senior superlatives.

“They’re getting their format down. They’re developing a style,” Mrs. Zender said.

There’s one common topic every day — the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mr. Dutch.

Mrs. Zender said every morning at 8 a.m., about 50 students are in the lobby waiting for the morning BOCES bus. When Mr. Snyder passes the microphone to Mr. Dutch for the pledge, the world stops and the students place their hands over their hearts in respect.

“Our announcements are an awesome thing at school,” she said. “Kids love doing the pledge. It’s a big thing. The kids stop everything to do the pledge.”

The students and staff may not be in school, but the morning announcements keep them in touch with their school.

“They’re at home with the rest of the kids. It’s just kind of a way to keep a bit of normal in a different way. It’s a way to connect with our kids remotely,” she said.

It’s also a way for the students to share positive things, she added.

So far, Mr. Snyder and Mr. Dutch have come up with their own topics. Mrs. Zender said she’s told them she could suggest topics, “but only if you ask me.”

“They’re coming up with lots of great ideas,” she said.

As time goes on, the format may change by having other students come in to the conversation through websites like Zoom.

“The boys have been excited about doing something different,” Mrs. Zender said.

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