St. Lawrence County Sheriff

St. Lawrence County Sheriff, Court Street, Canton. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

CANTON — St. Lawrence County Sheriff Brooks J. Bigwarfe has issued a travel restriction advisory for the county.

“To the citizens of St. Lawrence County, please take notice that due to the new phase of this pandemic locally in St. Lawrence County, I am issuing a travel advisory for St. Lawrence County.

I would sincerely appreciate every citizens’ cooperation during this period in refraining from all non-essential travel.

We are at a very critical juncture in the fight against COVID-19 and the models that I have been provided warn of very dire consequences if we do not limit non-essential gatherings and non-essential travel.

Please stay home, practice social distancing, and follow all public health directives. Only travel if you are buying food, are traveling to or from a deemed essential occupation, or seeking medical attention.

I take no pleasure in issuing such an advisory but please understand that this is for the safety and well-being of all county residents. This advisory will be in effect until it is receded,” the advisory said.

The Sheriff issued the advisory just after 2 p.m Tuesday.

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(8) comments


A lot of talk here. So not sure how many worked and or have a business. There will be no jobs to go back to. Line up all for your welfare. But the government is bankrupt. Media frenzy and the dems are so sick they would like this to go on till the economy is broken.


Right DJT - because no dems are getting laid off... no dems are catching Covid 19... no dems have a business that's closed... These restrictions aren't just NYS.. it's everywhere, have you not watched POTUS every day?


Is going for a walk/exercising outside still allowed or is that paused as well?


I don't know the answer to this, but I will say that of you can be outside and not come in to contact with both other people AND areas where other people have been, you should, but if you can't meet both of those conditions you should stay inside because on relatively calm days with no rain the aerosol droplets from exhalation float at face level alive for over 3 hours. If you walk though these aerosol droplets they can enter your system through the eyes, nose, and mouth, or via any wounds. The coughed droplets are larger and can travel over 15 feet in good conditons or indoors.

That said, the 4 things that raise your survival rates are Vitamin D, a LOT of fresh air and sunlight, O- or O+ blood(with or witout a +rh antigen factor), and being under 40. We don't have clear answers yet as to why for most of those, but we do know why open air and sunlight lead to higher survival rates. It's the same reason why with especially deadly flus and viruses many countries including the US have made outdoor sick wards. Both sunlight and fresh air boost your natural ability to create antibodies and increase your bodies strength and endurance.


Key word here is ‘advisory’ it was left out in the headline.

Those who would give up essential #Liberty, to purchase a little temporary #Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." #BenjaminFranklin


That's why the 1918 pandemic killed 50 million.... I'd bet the families of the 12000 + that died so far and those on ventilators would gladly trade some temporary liberty to have their loved ones still with them.. BTW - Franklin's quote was about taxes...related to funds needed against Indian attacks.... At least get the context right..


Sure, Holmes - trying to save the lives of other members of your community is a critical Constitutional issue - NOT! Never heard of, "My right to swing my arms ends where your nose begins"? #UltimateSelfish


Holmes slept through his history class....reminder - WW 1 & 2.."The federal government, in response to periods of insecurity and conflict, sometimes restricts civil liberties in an effort to maintain national security. U.S. involvement in World War I brought about such restrictions, and World War II proved to be no different."

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