To hold or not to hold

Young visitors of the Mexico Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Field Days checked their height before carnival rides opened on July 20 after the kiddie parade. Johnson Newspapers photo

OSWEGO — Officials with a number of organizations in Oswego County still are discussing whether to hold their big events this summer.

Peter Myles, executive director of HarborFest, said a decision will be announced after a HarborFest board meeting May 28.

Carol Sweeney, president of the Oswego County Fair board, said the board will decide at a June 2 meeting on whether the county fair will be held as usual in August.

The fates of three fire department field days also are still being considered.

In Mexico, Clint Smith said the department still is planning to conduct its field days July 16-18.

“At a recent business meeting of the Fire Corporation, there was an extensive discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, New York state’s current pause and how our fire department would respond to it,” according to a statement issued by the fire department.

“Using the county and state guidance on the reopening of this region of New York state, the fire department wants to make it clear that we are taking a positive approach for continuing and are currently planning for that event to happen,” the statement says.

“Fire department business officers and the field day chairmen have had positive, proactive discussions with the businesses who provide us with food and beverage, operating supplies and our carnival ride operator. They are working with us to try and make this annual event happen,” according to the statement.

Mexico fire officials state June 11 is the “no go cutoff date” for when they will make a decision on whether the field days will take place.

Officials with the Hannibal Fire Department state the Hannibal field days still are set for Aug. 20-22.

In Williamstown, town Supervisor John Hamblin and fire department officials said the field days still are scheduled for June 25-27, but a final decision should be made by next week.

Hamblin said a lot depends on the ride company and the cost of hamburger meat and hot dogs – the field days’ biggest food sellers.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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