The tri-county region added another 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19 to its growing total Wednesday, with Jefferson and Lewis counties each logging seven — tied for the most reported cases.

Lewis County, continuing in the upward direction, logged seven new cases of the novel coronavirus Wednesday, bringing the county’s total number of confirmed cases since March to 143. The additional cases are in isolation at home.

The county’s Public Health Department issued an exposure warning last week for worshippers who attended the Apostolic Christian Church, 9029 Route 812, Croghan, on Sunday, Oct. 11. There are now 55 known cases associated with the cluster.

A total of 76 people have recovered from COVID, an increase of three since Tuesday, resulting in 67 known active cases in the county — all of which remain in isolation. Three people in the county are now hospitalized fighting the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, and 802 people are in quarantine.

To date, 13,039 tests have been performed since March. A total of 12,893 results have come back negative and three results are still pending.

St. Lawrence County logged five new COVID cases, bringing the county’s total to 394 confirmed cases.

A total of 354 people have been released from isolation, resulting in 36 known active cases of the disease in the county, an increase of three from Tuesday.

Four people are currently in the hospital fighting the disease, and four people in the county have died from it.

According to the state Department of Health, 84,810 people have been tested for the coronavirus in the county as of Tuesday.

In Jefferson County, seven new COVID-19 cases were confirmed Wednesday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 323.

The county’s total number of recoveries from the disease grew by four to 298. There are 23 people in mandatory isolation and one person is hospitalized with the disease, resulting in 24 known active cases in the county. One person in the county has died from the disease.

The number of individuals tested is now at 26,617, according to the county’s daily virus update. There are no results pending, according to the county’s daily update, and 26,294 results have been returned negative.

There are 387 people in precautionary quarantine (domestic traveler) and 299 people in mandatory quarantine.

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