Three tested in Lewis for coronavirus

Lewis County General Hospital, Lowville. Julie Abbass/Watertown Daily Times

This story has been updated as of 4:30 p.m. Sunday, March 15:

LOWVILLE — Three tests for the novel coronavirus were done in Lewis County on Friday, and the first of those results has come back negative, according to the Department of Health Director Ashley Waite.

The results of the other two tests submitted have not yet been received, and one more test was sent in over the weekend.

LOWVILLE — Tests for the novel coronavirus were done for the first time in Lewis County on Friday.

According to Public Health Director Ashley Waite, three people were tested and are awaiting results.

Ms. Waite said her office will be staffed throughout the weekend to ensure correct information is available and to notify the public immediately if any cases of the infection are confirmed.

“We will have nurses on call to answer questions and to monitor quarantined individuals,” she said.

Public health is encouraging people who are experiencing symptoms to call their doctor before going to the doctor’s office or to the Emergency Room to avoid too many people gathered in those places, thereby putting more people at risk.

Doctors’ office staffs will notify patients as to the next steps to take for the highest level of both individual and public safety.

Lewis County Healthcare System spokesperson Christina Flint said on Friday that the nursing home, Lewis County Residential Healthcare Facility, is now closed to visitors as directed by the state. Residents are also not allowed to leave the facility.

Visitors are still being allowed to see patients in the ICU or on the inpatient ward at the hospital, however, there can only be two visitors at a time and they must be at least 18 years old. Visitors will be screened before entering the facility, Mrs. Flint said.

The hospital’s cafeteria is also closed to the public, the hospital reported.

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There's a fast food resturant in town with double arches that gives me the heebie jeebies. Last year, I complained about the lack of hot water in the restroom sinks. The condition continued for days. Then, as I washed my hands in newly repaired sink, an employee did his business and went back to his line job without washing his hands. I talked to the manager, she was not particularly concerned. I then observed two more employees enter the rest room, then leave without activating the very loud super hand dryer. At other times, the hand dryer was noticeable. I had another conversation with the manager. The following week, the hand dryer was removed and paper towels were installed. This does not give me any faith in the facility.

The health department should increase its inspection efforts.

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