SpaceX launch may bring Budweiser one step closer to brewing beer in space

Budweiser and its parent company Anheuser-Busch has been sending barley seeds to the International Space Station since 2017 in hopes of learning how to brew in microgravity. Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel

Also taking the ride with SpaceX will be an experiment examining the behavior of flames in space. The research will look at how fire spreads in different confined spaces in microgravity, information that could both serve to improve safety in space and also give scientists a look at the underlying physics of combustion when gravity is removed from the equation.

Other experiments will look to further study muscle and bone loss in space using mice and make more subtle measurements of gravity. The launch will carry an advanced imaging system to space that will be able to take high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface across all colors of the light spectrum.

The launch will kick off a jam-packed month for the Space Coast that is also set to include Boeing’s first test flight of its astronaut capsule to the ISS, as well as potentially another launch of 60 SpaceX communications satellites.

Tribune Wire

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