NEW YORK — Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo attempted to kick Gov. Kathy Hochul off the ticket as his running mate in multiple previous gubernatorial elections, she said Wednesday, before hinting that other remaining staffers from his administration will be pushed out in the coming days. Read More ⇒

GARDEN CITY — State Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs threw personal support behind Gov. Kathy Hochul on Monday for re-election in the 2022 gubernatorial election in an attempt to unify the party as other qualified officials eye entering the race. Read More ⇒

SARANAC LAKE — Before she rescued her first snapping turtle, Danielle Tooker said she didn’t know much about the state-protected species. Now, after more than two years, and helping nearly 400 baby snapping turtles reach safety in Lake Flower, Tooker has dedicated hundreds of hours to learni… Read More ⇒