TUPPER LAKE — The developers of the Tupper Lake Crossroads Hotel hosted a public meeting July 23 to inform people of the progress of the long-discussed project and to ask for funding to meet a 45-day deadline.

The proposed location for the hotel is on the corner of Park and Mill Streets (state Routes 3 and 30).

Developers Betsy Lowe and Nancy Howard, along with employees from the architectural firm and hotel management companies, pitched a vision of a modest, boutique hotel focused on servicing the Tupper Lake community just as much as its guests.

Skyward Hospitality Chief Investment Officer Tim Barnhart, described the three-story, 45-room hotel as being “Goldilocks size,” not too small and not too large for Tupper Lake.

In December 2016, the Tupper Lake Crossroads Hotel was awarded $2 million during the sixth annual round of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council competition. At the time, the estimated cost of the project was $10.2 million.

“The reason for the meeting … to do the pre-development it is going to cost $300,000,” said Jacob Wright, a developer from Skyward Hospitality. “Betsy and Nancy have raised a substantial amount of money to date, but to really kick off we’re going to need around $150,000.

“Frankly, and just to be direct, so that we can make people understand, if it doesn’t happen in the next 45 days, there is a very real danger that the project doesn’t happen.”

Wright did not elaborate later when asked about this, saying he did not have “authorization,” but Lowe explained that the state wants to see evidence the project is moving forward.

“We’ve had the $2 million grant in there. They want to see some significant progress. They aren’t very specific,” Lowe said.

Lowe said they are shooting to raise $150,000 in 45 days “or sooner,” if possible.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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