NYC bus crashes into building, injures 16

A bus crashed into a brownstone at Bedford Avenue and Lincoln Road in Brooklyn. Stephen Rex Brown/New York Daily News/TNS

NEW YORK — An MTA bus crashed through the front of a Brooklyn brownstone Monday after the driver’s foot got stuck between pedals — leaving 16 people injured and obliterating the facade of a ground-floor doctor’s office.

The B49 bus was traveling south on Bedford Avenue in Prospect Lefferts Gardens when it slammed into at least three vehicles, jumped a curb and smashed through the front of a three-story building on the corner of Lincoln Road at 1:55 p.m., witnesses and authorities said.

“It sounded like a house collapsing,” said Adrian Sandy, 40, who lives on the opposite corner from where the bus crashed.

None of the 16 people hurt in the crash had life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

Witnesses at the scene who came to the aid of the bus driver said he told them his foot became wedged between the brake and the accelerator, causing him to lose control of the 40-foot, 13-ton vehicle.

The front of a doctor’s office on the first floor was obliterated by the crash. The windows of a second-floor residential unit were also destroyed and the building’s internal bricks were left exposed by the wreck.

A tenant who lives on the building’s third floor said he was preparing for a work Zoom call when he heard the bus smash into the cars outside.

“I heard a hit, I looked out the window and I stood back and waited,” said the tenant, who decline to give his name. “I felt the impact. I’ve seen a lot. This is nothing for me — I’ve been in earthquakes.”

Darius Jones, 33, was in the passenger’s seat of a van struck by the out-of-control bus. He raced out of his vehicle and pried the rear door of the bus open to help the passengers and drivers get to safety.

“I though it was going to catch fire. Everyone was screaming,” said Jones, who works for a glass installation company. When Jones asked the driver what happened, “he said his foot got stuck.”

The driver’s arm was bleeding and covered in debris and pieces of rubble from the building after the crash, Jones said.

Andrea Clarke, 60, who lives across the street, said the driver also told her his foot got stuck between the accelerator and the brake.

“Bedford is crazy,” said Clarke, who’s lived in the neighborhood since the 1970s. “They’ve got to do something about it. I’m kind of freaked out.”

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