Yellow dots assist first responders

The state Sheriff’s Association provides kits for the Yellow Dot Program, a simple system to alert first responders to important medical information in vehicles and homes. Sheriff’s Association photo

CANTON — The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents of the state Sheriff’s Association Yellow Dot Program.

A free program with more than 2 million participants, Yellow Dot is designed to help first responders after crashes or other emergencies. A Yellow Dot adhered to the driver’s side rear window of a vehicle alerts responders to vital medical information stored in the glove compartment.

Yellow Dot kits include two dot stickers and two personal information cards. Participants should complete their cards as fully as possible, with emergency medical contacts, physician contacts, medications and other pertinent information.

The Sheriff’s Association recommends completing cards in pencil and attaching a recent photo for each person who regularly occupies a vehicle. Cards should be updated as needed and dots removed if vehicles are sold.

The kit can also be used to alert responders in case of an emergency at a residence. Yellow Dot stickers should be placed on or near the front door, and completed cards should be placed in a clear plastic bag inside the refrigerator’s freezer compartment.

Kits may be requested from the sheriff’s office, 48 Court St., Canton, or online at

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The Freemasons tried to do this with children vulnerable to kidnappings. A system of ID cards were to be manufactured giving the vitals of all children in a certain age bracket. I don't think it ever came to be for there was an issue of privacy. Would this "yellow dot" information gathering and dissemination be another unauthorized release of vital statistics? What happens if a private health condition is made available to the public and a citizen is handicapped by releasing this information. Probably not a good idea.

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