President Donald Trump greets U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik on stage during an event in August 2018 at Fort Drum. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

President Donald Trump’s rallies are starting back up, with a campaign event Saturday in Tulsa, Okla., and north country Rep. Elise Stefanik is opening for him.

Stefanik, along with other Republican lawmakers — including Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan — will be traveling to Tulsa.

This is the first Trump rally to be held since February, when the coronavirus that has killed 120,000 Americans was gaining speed around the world.

Tulsa’s top health official Bruce Dart, has said he believes the rally could be a “super spreader” event, as it involves a large amount of people gathering in an indoor arena for several hours. The city announced 96 new coronavirus cases this week, its largest increase in a single day since March.

Stefanik did not respond to a request for comment on what she would talk about, the health officials’ concerns or the prospect of speaking at the president’s rally before this article’s deadline.

Black community leaders in Tulsa said they fear a large rally by Trump could spark violence, and Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt asked Trump not to visit the site of a race massacre where up to 300 black residents were killed by white mobs in 1921.

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters are expected in Tulsa Saturday for the first of a series of rallies across the country to rev up his reelection campaign. The gathering at the 19,000-seat BOK Center, and at a 40,000-capacity convention center nearby, would overlap a two-day local celebration of Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery in the country.

Both events are in the city’s downtown area. The Rev. Al Sharpton is among the speakers at the Juneteenth observance in the Greenwood district, where several dozen blocks of black-owned businesses were burned in the massacre. A separate anti-hate rally is set for Saturday night in a Tulsa park about a 30-minute walk away.

Community leaders and organizers say all the events should be peaceful, but fear possible clashes.

“We’re all terribly concerned,” said the Rev. Ray Owens, pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church, a historically black church on the city’s north side. “I’m hearing rumors of people coming from both sides who may be inclined to incite some kind of physical conflict or war of words. That worries me.”

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(20) comments

keyser soze

Elise, is this you sold us out for?

“Just passed 800,000 tickets. Biggest data haul and rally signup of all time by 10x.”

“Saturday is going to be amazing!”

“Correction now 300,000! Going to be epic!”

~Brad Parscale


But Is It Really A 'Rally' If No One Shows Up?

It appears the Failure in Chief’s ‘triumphant’ return to a MAGA rally is a huge failure as only a few thousand people show up.

“…President Donald Trump's first rally in months, intended as a triumphant return to the campaign trail after the coronavirus forced nationwide lockdowns, began with a fizzle on Saturday night.”


hermit thrush

Josh Lederman

JUST IN - 6 members of the Trump campaign advance staff in Tulsa doing logistics for Trump's rally tested positive for COVID, per @carolelee @kwelkernbc @albamonica @kellyo

2:00 PM · Jun 20, 2020 · TweetDeck



Rep. Stefanik is phenomenal, good to see her on the national level. This is a new Republican Party in the era of Trump. It's refreshing to see Republicans actually head toward the fight. One million sign up for Trump's rally, Biden couldn't fill a McDonalds... That's the real poll....


Hear the flush,holmes,trump,and stefanik,one vote sends them all to the sewer,right where they belong,bye

Holmes -- the real one

Although it's pretty clear that the persona behind fake "Holmes" has probably never set foot in the US, much less Oklahoma.


Hmmm, I thought pot was illegal in NYS??

Holmes -- the real one

It's obvious that you have no idea who you are talking to.




Look at all the losers like Holmes in tulsa,clueless and toothless,just pitful


Blah blah blah.. vote Tedra


I know it's really difficult being a liberal in deep red NY-21 but Taxin Tedra doesn't have a chance...


difficult? No, it SUCKS being around all these ignorant and stupid people.


Will she self quarantine for 14 days,or will she be a spreader,lock her up


No requirement to "self quarantine".




You still haven't told us how much her parents lumber business scammed off the ppp.gym jordan is also speaking,look that pedophile up,wow,she's now supporting another pedophile as she backed roy moore


Perhaps Trump will have learned how to pronounce her name by now.

And Stefanik should quarantine before making appearances in this district.


stefanik does good for her constituents - ya right. Our tax dollars at work. May they all contract cover-19 and suffer.


The voice of the all caring, all inclusive, non-partisan, compassionate left...


I speak for myself and myself only.

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