Copper, a Boston-terrier-French bulldog mix, was attacked by another dog last week, but is reportedly doing all right now. Provided photo

TUPPER LAKE — Village police say a dog that has attacked several other dogs and people in this town has struck again, injuring a dog that was in a car in the Family Dollar parking lot last week.

Officer Connor Hesseltine was the responding officer and said that the attacking dog, a black German shepherd owned by Brian Demars of Tupper Lake, jumped out of one car and into another, attacking a 9-year-old Boston terrier-French bulldog mix named Copper. Police Chief Eric Proulx said the attacked dog is owned by Thomas Kriegel of Tupper Lake.

“The dog had gotten into another person’s vehicle and attacked that dog. It eventually got back outside of that vehicle and had that dog on the ground, and supposedly the owner of the German shepherd was able to get his dog off, and then he left the Family Dollar,” Hesseltine said.

Allison Schaffer, who is engaged to Kriegel and was in the Family Dollar at the time, said she was shopping when an employee yelled to her and Demars that the dogs were fighting.

Demars’ dog “was in my son’s car seat waiting for us to come out,” Schaffer said. “I didn’t even know what to think. You know. Panic.”

She said Demars ran out and pulled his dog off Copper.

Demars could not be reached for comment.

Hesseltine said Demars was issued tickets for having a dog running at large, and allowing or permitting a dog to kill or injure another dog.

Proulx said the victim dog was not killed but was injured.

Schaffer said Copper has four puncture wounds in the front of his neck and two in the back. He was taken the High Peaks Animal Hospital in Ray Brook and was put on antibiotics.

“He’s good now. The first day he was shaking. He was just freaked out,” Schaffer said. “That’s a big thing. He’s 9 years old. He’s my family dog.

“What if that was one of my kids?” Schaffer said. “I have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.”

Hesseltine said the court date for the tickets was Monday and that he is unsure of the outcome.

This dog has attacked other dogs before.

In March it attacked Dave Bedore’s 9-year-old beagle, Sadie-Jo, on McLaughlin Avenue, also biting Bedore’s hand as he pried the German shepherd’s jaws open to free his dog. Demars was issued the same two tickets then, too.

In September 2018 it attacked Mark Dewyea’s silky terrier, Jackson Browne, after escaping a police cruiser. Demars’ dog was shot in that incident and survived.

Hesseltine confirmed that this German shepherd has been involved in other violent incidents.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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suzanne phillips

Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their dogs. For various reasons, some dogs are less friendly than others. This can be due to lack of proper training, or..sometimes, the way a dog was treated prior to it coming into the possession of the current owner, can make that dog more aggressive. However, owners need to be held accountable for their dog's aggression toward other dogs. If you have a dog whose behavior is questionable...than you need to make sure that dog is nor able to injure near-by animals. As someone who has been very involved with dog rescue for 20 years, I rarely hold a dog accountable for the neglect of their owners. But, sadly, it's the dogs (attacked and attacker) who must pay the price.


The animal is out of the control of the owner, end of story... The owner is responsible financially, and local officials should remove the animal from it's owner...find somewhere it can be controlled, or put it down. Some breeds are more aggressive than - pit bulls...yet owners still and to own then, taking the risk and risking the well being, and possibly the lives of others.. GROW UP....

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