Walczyk for Assembly

State Assemblyman Mark C. Walczyk, R-Watertown, meets with the Watertown Daily Times editorial board. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — In opposition to the governor and his emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Assemblyman Mark C. Walczyk has started a movement dedicated to “kicking the crown.”

Assemblyman Walczyk launched his opposition campaign, dubbed “Kick the Crown,” on Jan. 15 in direct response to what he says is executive overreach by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

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Cuomo has done a great job. Try living i. Texas to gain some appreciation of being treated with stringent measures to save lives. Same for strict guidelines for Covid vaccines..provide a fair plan and stick to it. Many lives saved.


Nice violent response, you have learned well from trump. I guess you want more death from Covid


Is assemblyman Mark C. not happy with the huge numbers of deaths from covid19? Would more dead make him happy? His party and his party alone are the ones responsible for this tragedy. Did Mark C. ever once condemn trump and his no masks are needed stance? Just what would Mark C. do different from what Gov. Cuomo is doing? Would he encourage big gatherings, no wearing masks, and an end to testing? He is ready to criticize for the sake of criticizing but offers no solutions what so ever.


What you did, Assemblyman Walczyk, is hear the rallying cry of your supporters and turn it into your strategy. Neither brilliant nor effective.


Walczyk is suffering from Trump mouth disease.


In light of recent dialog, using less forceful language would be appreciated. While I'm not a huge fan of the governor, he was a leading light during the worst of the pandemic. Keeping us all safe was first and foremost thoughts, not everybody felt that safety was important. I challenge anybody to keep us safe and keep the economy going without upsetting someone! It's not so easy!


I personally think Cuomo is doing a good job.




This idiot cant come up with any workable solutions, so he wants to disrupt. Sort of like a five year old. Brilliant!

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