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St. Lawrence County Public Health reported six new deaths from COVID-19 over the Labor Day weekend.

Since reporting started in March of 2020 there have been 105 deaths attributed to the disease in the county. The 99th death was recorded on Aug. 29. Until then, there had not been a death reported since May.

St. Lawrence County reported 213 new cases since Friday, has 25 people in the hospital and a positivity rate of 6.5%. In Jefferson County, 102 new cases were reported over the holiday. The positivity rate in Jefferson County is 5.5 % and there are 11 people in the hospital with the disease.

In Lewis County there were 29 new cases and seven people are in the hospital, five of whom were admitted over the weekend. In total, the number of new COVID-19 cases grew by 344 across the tri-county over the holiday weekend.

The high positivity rate and the number of hospitalizations in St. Lawrence County are why the Public Health Department is urging people to get vaccinated, interim Public Health Director Jolene A. Munger said.

“If you are vaccinated, you might get sick, but you won’t end up in the hospital,” she said.

The percentage of people eligible for vaccines in St. Lawrence County who are vaccinated is 59.1 percent. The number of people eligible who have had their first dose of vaccine went up just .5% since last reported last week, Ms. Munger said.

“It’s a community thing. It’s not an ‘I’ thing. We need to look at this as a ‘We’ thing,” Ms. Munger said. “We need everyone to come together.”

Getting vaccinated is a choice, Ms. Munger said. But, those that choose to not get vaccinated need to stay socially distant, wear masks indoors, wash hands and follow other hygiene protocols, she said. Those rules apply to those that have been vaccinated as well, she said.

“Last July we had 12 cases all month,” Ms. Munger said.

Now, the numbers are just as high or higher than when they were at what we thought was the peak of the pandemic, she said.

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