A Gathering of the Orange will take place at the St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum in Madrid, June 12 through 14. The show for Allis Chalmers enthusiasts is expected to draw thousands to the area. St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce photo

MADRID — A show that was 10 years in the making will bring up to 3,500 people per day to the St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum June 12 to 14.

The Gathering of the Orange 2020 will attract Allis Chalmers enthusiasts from around the country, past president of the Power and Equipment Museum Al Garrand said.

“This week I had a call from a guy in northern Nebraska who has the only existing 1914 Allis Chalmers duplex in the country and he is bringing it to this show,” Mr. Garrand said.

There are already reservations from 11 states and two Canadian provinces, according to Mr. Garrand.

There are two Gatherings of the Orange or GOTO each year — one in the east and one in the west.

The waiting list to host a show is 10 years, Mr. Garrand said.

The show at the Power and Equipment Museum will be held in conjunction with the museum’s annual Spring Exhibition.

Mr. Garrand has been planning for the show by attending other Gatherings of the Orange.

“My wife and I traveled all the way across the United States last year,” Mr. Garrand said. “We went to two of them last year. We’ve been to Tennessee, we’ve been to Missouri, we’ve been to Illinois, we’ve been to Indiana, Connecticut, Maine, western Ontario. We’ve taken notes at all of them to see what we need to do at our show.”

One of the highlights of the show will bring people together who have been talking together on Allis Chalmers online forums.

“A lot of these men have been on the computer, trading ideas and trading thoughts,” Mr. Garrand said. “They have been on the computer for years talking with one another and have never met one another. So, Saturday morning we are going to have a forum gathering and a lot of these men that have talked to one another on the computer for years will get to meet one another, and I think that is going to be one of main objectives.”

Other events will include a tractor parade, an antique tractor pull, a chicken barbecue, lots of tractors and equipment on display and vendors offering used Allis Chalmers tractors, tractor parts, toys, and memorabilia.

“The tractor parade and tractor pull are always a huge draw for members and visitors alike,” Roger Austin, a museum trustee, said in a press release from the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.

Along with being a past president of the museum, Mr. Garrand has been an Allis Chalmers fan practically his entire life.

“I grew up on a farm here in rural Northern New York and our neighbor had an Allis Chalmers tractor,” Mr. Garrand said. “He always kept it tuned right up and shined up and painted. I just became interested in it and the first tractor I bought when I was old enough to buy one was an Allis Chalmers.”

For more information about the show and the museum visit slpowermuseum.com. Contact the museum at info@slpowermuseum.com

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