9,000 called for jury duty

The St. Lawrence County Courthouse 48 Court St., Canton. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

CANTON — More than 9,000 St. Lawrence County residents were summoned to perform their civic duty as jurors last year, with more than $61,000 spent for those selected, according an annual report by the county’s Jury Board.

County Legislator William J. Sheridan, R-Hammond, who sits on the Jury Board, delivered the report Monday evening to the full county Board of Legislators, saying an overall 21,350 qualification questionnaires were mailed out to prospective jurors in the county.

Trial jurors were summoned 32 times, appearing 16 times with trials going to verdict eight times.

There were a reported five civil jury trials, with four of them ending in a verdict and one being settled on the second day of trial.

Criminal jury trials totaled 11, with five ending in a verdict, one in a mistrial, four pleading out and one adjourned.

A total of 9,734 trial jurors were summoned from Jan. 1 through Nov. 21.

Four grand jury terms have been held and the 370 jurors summoned were paid a total of $21,480.

Town courts in the county had a total of 20 requests for jurors with a total of 16 trials canceled and jurors having reported twice; two trials ended with a verdict and, as of Mr. Sheridan’s report Monday night, two trials in town courts were awaiting an outcome.

Total jurors summoned for town court was 1,210 with a total of $2,640 paid to jurors reporting to those courts.

Mr. Sheridan reported that $61,720 was paid for all jurors summoned.

By the time of the report, there were still 2,054 residents available to be summoned for jury duty.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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