EVANS MILLS — A federal agent applied Friday for a search warrant for a duffel bag seized Tuesday at a Golden Drive residence in connection with two gun shop burglaries in St. Lawrence County.

Two Fort Drum soldiers, Rian Patterson, 22, and Devin Diggs, 20, are charged in U.S. District Court, Syracuse, with conspiracy to steal firearms from a licensed dealer, and stealing firearms from a licensed dealer stemming from a Sept. 14 burglary at Bowman’s Gun Shop, 337 County Route 11, Gouverneur, and a second burglary on Sept. 29 at Graham’s Gun Shop, 13 Second St., DeKalb Junction. Multiple firearms and ammunition were allegedly stolen from the shops.

A third soldier, Tyrease Kimmons, 20, is charged with knowingly receiving and possessing stolen firearms shipped and transported in interstate commerce.

With the trio’s arrests, several of the firearms stolen from Bowman’s and Graham’s were recovered, but several were not, leading agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to suspect they might be inside a bag Mr. Diggs left at Mr. Kimmons’s residence at 26309 Golden Drive, according to an application for a search warrant filed with the court.

According to the application, Mr. Kimmons admitted that on Sept. 14 he allowed Mr. Diggs and Mr. Patterson to store allegedly stolen firearms at his residence, keeping two of the firearms for himself. Mr. Kimmons also told agents that the pair had come to his residence on Sept. 29 and gave him a pistol. He told investigators that the stored firearms were located either in a closet in his living room or under a mattress in his bedroom. A rifle and two pistols were found under the mattress, according to the warrant application.

During the search of Mr. Kimmons’s residence, he pointed out a black, military-style duffle bag next to his bed. The bag had a name tag with “Diggs” on the outside, but was zipped closed. Mr. Kimmons allegedly told agents Mr. Diggs had brought the bag to his residence on Sept. 29 “and asked him to hold on to it,” according to the warrant application. He told agents Monday that Mr. Diggs had not contacted him about the bag since leaving it, and said he had no knowledge of the bag’s contents.

The bag is currently in the custody of agents at the ATF’s Syracuse field office. In the search warrant application, an ATF agent wrote that he believed there is probable cause that the bag contains either evidence of the burglaries at Bowman’s and Graham’s or firearms stolen from the businesses. The application had not been acted upon by a judge as of late Friday, court records show.

The three men remain in federal custody pending detention hearings scheduled for Monday.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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