BRASHER FALLS — A water tank filter hasn’t been able to keep up with the water production process in Helena, resulting in residue and a sulfur smell in the water.

Brasher Town Supervisor Mark A. Peets attributed the problem to the amount of water usage — almost double from what it once was — and a filter bag that had collected some of the contaminants, but is unable to keep up with the amount of water.

“We’ve had a little bit more use. We’ve had some customers come on that have been agricultural. The filter system is just not holding up to the new water flow. It’s been going on for a while,” he said.

He said the problem lies with a charcoal filter.

“We think we have a handle on it. We did a water tank inspection. Luckily our tank is in really good shape. We’ve done the water tests. Everything has come back good. The water is passing all of its New York State Department of Health requirements. So it’s not the water, it’s the process. We need to slow it down. We need to remove and replace the filter bag that we have right now. It’s not keeping up with the process that needs to be completed for water production,” Mr. Peets said.

He said, by putting in a new filter system, “it will not only help with slowing down the filtering process, but it will take away the smell the water has in it and any debris that gets out there in the system.” The town will purchase the equipment.

He said a couple of modifications need to be made to prints from an engineering firm, detailing how to resolve the issue.

“Once that’s complete, we’re going to do a walk-through with the contractor on January 13th,” he said.

When the final drawings are complete, they’ll need to receive approval from the state Department of Health to proceed with the project.

With Department of Health approval, they’ll be able to put the project out for bid and “get everybody back to where we’re supposed to be,” Mr. Peets said.

“We’re going to have to put it out for bid and see who gives us the best price on the system. We want to find out how much the labor and parts are going to cost before we go out to bid,” he said.

Once they’ve received bids, the Brasher Town Board will decide which contractor will perform the work.

“It’s money well spent and in another five years we’ll have to do another inspection of the tank,” he said.

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