Paper shredding event planned in Massena

Brasher officials are arranging for a paper shredding event that they plan to hold in conjunction with their spring cleanup. Bob Beckstead/Watertown Daily Times

BRASHER FALLS — Brasher officials plan to add something else to this year’s spring cleanup — an opportunity for residents to bring documents to the Brasher Municipal Building for shredding by a contractor.

Town Supervisor Mark A. Peets said the town council had discussed it and tabled it last year, and now it was time to consider it again.

“It’s kind of like our dump days with recycling and what not. But this one is more how to get rid of documents that you don’t want somebody to get a hold of,” he told board members.

He said the company that operates the shredding program will come to the town and make the service available to the residents.

Mr. Peets said the service would be valuable to those who don’t have personal shredders in their home.

He said it would cost the town $525 to provide the service.

“Everybody in town could bring their documents here to be shredded. It’s all confidential,” he said.

Mr. Peets said they wouldn’t be alone in using the service.

“They go around to a lot of area towns and businesses that are in the area that need to get rid of some of their documents. It’s a pretty good business,” he said.

Scheduling early was important, though.

“The scheduling for that has to start in January. So if you don’t get them on the docket, you don’t get them to be able to come to your town,” he said.

Board members agreed to give Town Clerk Bethany St. Hilaire permission to schedule the shredder to visit the town.

“We’ll try and incorporate this during our dump days in May. We’ll have that in our repertoire when we’re putting out our flyers in the spring so that folks can stop in and use that service,” Mr. Peets said.

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