Canton home-care service closing

When Canton Enriched Housing closes its doors on Oct. 31, 16 residents at 35 and 37 Riverside Drive will need to find other ways to take care of themselves. The program provided assistance with medicine, meals, cleaning and laundry for folks who would otherwise need to be in a more institutional facility. Tom Graser/Watertown Daily Times

CANTON — The lives of 16 people in Canton will become a little more complicated on Oct. 31 when they lose the services of Canton Enriched Housing.

“It’s too bad because it’s a good service that keeps people out of the hospital,” said Roberta Hart, president of the Canton Enriched Housing Board of Directors.

Canton Enriched Housing is a state-funded program that provides support services to mostly elderly people in an effort to keep them in their homes.

“People do so much better in their own familiar surroundings,” Ms. Hart said.

The program assists residents with preventive healthcare measures, including selecting and maintaining primary care, scheduling transportation to doctor appointments, assisting with medications, and other support services.

The program also provides aides who assist with bathing, cleaning, laundry and meals, Ms. Hart said.

The program is ending because it is no longer fiscally sustainable.

“State reimbursement was not enough to meet expenses,” Ms. Hart said.

Aides were available from 12 to 16 hours per day, Ms. Hart said.

At its peak, the program assisted 25 people, but several months ago the organization stopped admitting new clients.

People in the program are located in the high rise apartments at 37 and 35 Riverside Drive, and the program leases office space there, but the offices are not part of Canton Housing that runs the apartments.

“Some of the clients will not be able to stay where they are without the aid of the program,” Ms. Hart said.

There are other home-care programs that could help some, but others will have to seek places in assisted facilities.

Canton Enriched Housing is run by an eight-person, all-volunteer board of directors. Its funding is administered through United Helpers.

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