Canton DPW’s Trevor Bombard, right, demonstrates the lid-lifting mechanism as Sustainability Committee member Thomas Gokey deposits food scraps in the new receptacle at the food waste drop-off site on Outer Lincoln Street. Submitted photo.

CANTON — Canton’s pilot compost program may continue through the winter, pending discussion of winter adjustments at the Town and Village Sustainability Committee’s next meeting on Dec. 10.

If Canton proceeds with winter participation, village trustee Carol Pynchon said residents shouldn’t expect many changes to the compost drop-off procedures set earlier this year.

“There will be times, if there is a big snow, people might have to be a little more patient,” said Ms. Pynchon, who serves on the Village and Town Sustainability Committee.

Funded by the village and launched in the spring by the Village and Town Sustainability Committee and the Village Department of Public Works, the short term goals of the program, according to Ms. Pynchon, involve evaluating how often and how much the program is used by residents, and addressing the question: What is the most efficient way for Canton to compost?

“What we know is that the need is there — we need to help remove food scraps from the waste stream,” Ms. Pynchon said.

As with any pilot program, Ms. Pynchon said, there are still several unknowns, so the Sustainability Committee and the Public Works Department will continue to facilitate and monitor the project. The drop-off and pick-up site is on Outer Lincoln Street next to the Canton Pavilion. DPW crews typically transport waste from the collection point every two to three days, to the composting site on village property on Route 11, Deputy Supervisor Bob Washo said.

Composted material is currently available for residents to pick up, but that compost is a product of high-carbon materials from across the village and town, including from St. Lawrence University and from Canton’s leaf and organic waste collections.

The Sustainability Committee and the DPW hope compost produced from waste dropped off by residents through the pilot program is ready by spring, Ms. Pynchon said.

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