Carpinelli backs Giuliani for governor

Candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for governor, Andrew H. Giuliani, and former candidate Michael P. Carpinelli of Osceola, give a “thumbs-up” after Mr. Carpinelli endorsed Mr. Giuliani during an event on Friday morning at The Edge Hotel in Lyons Falls. Photo provided

LOWVILLE — Former gubernatorial candidate Michael P. Carpinelli has officially endorsed Republican hopeful Andrew H. Giuliani.

“I’m going to endorse, 110%, Mr. Andrew Giuliani as our next governor for the state of New York. He has my full support,” Mr. Carpinelli said during a news conference with Mr. Giuliani at The Edge Hotel in Lyons Falls on Friday morning.

Mr. Carpinelli, Lewis County sheriff since 2011, said he has gotten to know Mr. Giuliani on the campaign trail and that in his estimation, Mr. Giuliani has “the heart of the state — has the heart for all of the people in the state, not just the city” and that, “He has the values, he has the family ties, the grounding and the heart of the Constitution inside himself.”

Mr. Giuliani said Mr. Carpinelli will be “a massive part of the solution” to the problems he sees in the state and that Mr. Carpinelli has “the pulse of so many New Yorkers,” thanking him for his endorsement.

In an interview on Monday, Mr. Carpinelli said he prefers Mr. Giuliani because he is the only candidate who has come to the area — Friday was Mr. Giuliani’s third visit to the tri-county area — showing he is “sincere” about caring for the whole state.

“When he says it, you can feel that. He also has the energy and the strength to do what he needs to do to take care of a lot of the nepotism you see in Albany, to stand up to it. And he has no direct ties to any of the Albany government,” Mr. Carpinelli said. “It was a no-brainer (to endorse Mr. Giuliani). I like the other guys and everything but in the end, he’s just the guy for the fight.”

Mr. Carpinelli, who announced his candidacy for governor in June 2020, notified the public via social media that he did not have enough signatures to be included on the Republican primary ballot.

“I feel very good about (my run.) I learned a lot and I know there’s a lot of people in New York state who are not happy with the way things are. It’s just that many people didn’t understand the process when it came time to sign so people could be on the ballot,” Mr. Carpinelli said, which surprised him.

Many supporters reached out to him to sign his candidacy petition, he said, but they were not registered Republicans and had no idea that was necessary.

While accessing enough signatures locally was not a problem, trying to ensure proper signatures in “more populated areas” downstate using only volunteers was challenging.

Mr. Carpinelli said he had about 100 volunteers going door to door to collect signatures around the state but the five-week time frame was too short for the few hours every evening his team was passing petitions for signatures.

“It’s a monumental task when you don’t have the resources other people had,” he said.

Mr. Carpinelli, however, has no regrets.

“I’m absolutely glad I did it,” he said. “Being a police officer and also a member of the U.S. military, and taking an oath for both, it really makes you appreciate more so what the Constitution is there for and how we have to defend our rights. It’s just a great experience to learn, to put that effort in. It sure makes you appreciate when you are an elected official, the position that you have and what you need to do to hold that for the people. It’s an honor to do.”

Mr. Giuliani, the son of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, is running against Congressman Lee M. Zeldin, Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino and businessman Harry J. Wilson for the Republican nomination.

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