Woman sentenced for failing to register as sex offender


CANTON — A Massena sex offender was sentenced in St. Lawrence County Court Monday for failing to register.

Olanta D. Clement, 25, an inmate in St. Lawrence County jail, was sentenced to five years of probation, with the first six months to be served in county jail, for felony failure to register an internet identifier within the time period provided by law.

A level 2 violent sex offender, Clement failed to properly register on May 30 in St. Lawrence County, and was indicted on the charge in October.

County Public Defender David Huber told the court his client, Ms. Clement, had a history of mental health issues and asked for her to receive a straight five-year probation sentence without six months of incarceration so she could get back to work and see her two children.

County Court Judge John F. Richey denied the request and ordered Clement to pay the mandatory $375 in court fees and surcharges, reduced to judgment, for the registration violation.

Clement was remanded to county jail to begin serving her sentence.

Clement’s sex offender status stems from a July 2013 sexual assault — she was sentenced to six months in St. Lawrence County jail and 10 years of probation for sexually assaulting a 5-year-old Hammond girl. Clement was 19 at the time.

Before Clement’s sentencing in February 2014 for the sexual assault charge, the mother of the assault victim read from a statement to County Court Judge Jerome J. Richards, who, at the time, was presiding over the case.

“She told me two days before Christmas that Santa wasn’t going to bring her any gifts because she was bad,” the victim’s mother said, sobbing. “The day I found out what Olanta did was the worst day of my life.” She said her daughter’s testimony before the grand jury was difficult, but she told her mother she did it because she did not want Clement to do this to any other children, according to a previous Times report.

In addition to her violent felony first-degree sexual assault and felony failure to register charges, Clement’s history includes a 2013 petit larceny charge for allegedly stealing BMX bicycles with two other people in Brier Hill, and a 2012 aggravated harassment charge for threatening over the phone to burn down the home of her boyfriend’s mother.

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