St. Lawrence Co. voters to decide slew of local races

Early voting will take place at the Lewis County Board of Elections, 7550 S. State St. For a complete schedule of voting times, visit the county website,, or call 315-376-5329. Watertown Daily Times

Voters across St. Lawrence County will vote in local elections beginning on Oct. 23, when early voting begins, and ending on Election Day, Nov. 2.

There is only one countywide election. Democrat Alexander Lesyk and Republican Andrew Moses are running to fill the Family Court judge seat that is being vacated by Cecily L. Morris. Mr. Lesyk is also running on the Sensible People party line, and Mr. Moses is running on the Conservative line.

In Ogdensburg, three council seats are up for grabs. Incumbents Michael B. Powers, on the Democrat, Conservative and Republican lines; Nichole L. Kennedy, Democrat and Conservative; and Daniel E. Skamperle, also Democrat and Conservative, will defend their seats against Republicans Robert J. Edie and E.J. Esbon Wordon.

Richard J. Breen of the Save the City party, and Ronal Lesparance, of the Fight 2 Unite party, are also on the ballot.

In the town of Brasher, incumbent Highway Superintendent Larry Hewlett, a Democrat, is being challenged by Republican Andrew Gray. Incumbent Democrat Council member Sue Hourihan is defending her seat against three newcomers — Democrat Jodi White and Republicans Chuck Collins and Christopher Rose. The two with top votes will win seats.

In the town of Canton, incumbent Supervisor Mary Ann Ashley, an independent, is being challenged by Republican Karen McCauliffe. Republican Steven Smith will face Conservative Jim Gibson for highway superintendent.

There are two Canton Town Council races. Democrats Dave Nelson and James T. Smith and Republicans John Taillon and Paul Baxter are running for two full-term seats. Democrat Martha Foley Smith and Republican Bob Santamoor are running to fill a two-year unexpired term.

In the town of Clifton, Democrat William R. Griffin, incumbent Democrat Mary Zhulsdorf and Republican Brett T. Blackmer are running for two council seats.

There are three races in the town of Colton. Democrat Kirke W. Perry, Republican Ronnie Robert and Stop Tax Shifts candidate Peggy L. Mousaw are running for supervisor.

Democrats Deborah J. Richards and Jacqueline L. Johnson and Republicans Kevin Beary and Jake Poste are running for two council seats. Leah Marie Payne Worden, a Democrat, and Randi-Lee Cook Planty, a Republican, are running for a two-year unexpired council term.

In the town of Depeyster, incumbent Republican Town Supervisor Irene Hargrave is being challenged by Democrat Brian Bennett.

Incumbent Democrat Mark L. Rice and incumbent Republican Dianne L. Hurley face Republican Theodore Trudeau III for two council seats in the town of Edwards.

In the town of Hermon, incumbent Democrat Lee J. Carvel, incumbent Republican Kathleen Carpenter and Republican Bob LaClair Jr. are running for two council seats.

In the town of Hopkinton, Republicans Justin K. Sweet and Rick Eakins and Home Rule party candidate John M. Burns will run for two council seats. Home Rule party candidate David Hannon and For the People party candidate Vickie French will run for an unexpired two-year term.

There is a race for highway superintendent in the town of Lawrence. Incumbent Democrat Gary Sirles is being challenged by Republican Ron Flannery. Incumbent Democrats Donald Chris Ayers and Daniel Phelix will run against Republican James J. Ashley for two council seats.

Town of Louisville Highway Superintendent John O’Brien, a Democrat, is being challenged by Republican Bill Shirley.

Madrid Supervisor Anthony A. Cooper, a Democrat, is being challenged by Republican Philip Paige, while Highway Superintendent William Barkley, a Democrat, is being challenged by Republican Dennis Moore.

In the town of Massena, Democrat Kyle White and Republicans Patrick Facteau and Adrian Taraska are running for two council seats.

In the town of Potsdam, two Republicans — Renee Azzopardi and John D. Meyers — and two Sensible People party candidates — Lynn A. Hall and Allysa Theobold Hardiman — are running for two council seats.

Jeff Hutton, a Republican, and Milton Edwin Marcellus, of the Road Builders party, are running for highway superintendent in the town of Rossie.

Also in Rossie, Democrat Mollie Jenne-Phalen, Republican Cynthia A. Gentile and Republican David G. Maloy, all incumbents, are running for two town council seats.

Town of Russell Supervisor Timothy White, a Republican, is being challenged for his seat by Democrat Michael Perry Jr.

Democrat Richard L. Meilleur, Republican Franklin H. Mackin and Larry Trombly, of the Progress party, are running for Russell highway superintendent.

For Russell Town Council, incumbent Democrat Sandra Burnham, incumbent Republican E. David Whiteford and Democrat Toni Whiteford Trombly will compete for two seats.

Incumbent Town of Waddington Supervisor Alex V. Hammond, a Democrat, is being challenged by Republican Kevin Liddell.

Tenley Amo, a Democrat, and Republicans Kelley L. Tiernan and Thomas A. Hunter are running for two seats on Waddington Town Council.

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