Santamoor names Friedel St. Lawrence deputy clerk

St. Lawrence County Clerk-Elect Sandra W. “Sandy” Santamoor, right, has chosen longtime co-worker Melissa Friedel as her deputy clerk. Both women will take the positions Jan. 1. W.T. Eckert/Watertown Daily Times

CANTON — Longtime St. Lawrence County Court Clerk’s Office employee Melissa Friedel has been named deputy county clerk by County Clerk-Elect Sandra W. “Sandy” Santamoor.

Mrs. Santamoor said Mrs. Friedel’s experience and “bubbly personality,” which resonates with the public, were major factors in choosing her for her second-in-command.

“She’s just a very bubbly personality and she’s great with the customers, she’s great with the staff, she is super smart,” Mrs. Santamoor said. “She knows so much about this office and she will start working over at the (Department of Motor Vehicles) a little bit as well.”

As part of Mrs. Friedel’s responsibilities, she will oversee the four DMVs in the county as well as do payroll and reports in the 48 Court St. offices.

“She is knowledgeable in many aspects of the department, is focused on customer service and has a proven work ethic,” Mrs. Santamoor said in a release announcing the appointment. “Melissa and I have worked well together in the past and I believe that with the help of the entire staff we as a team are prepared to take on the job of serving the residents of St. Lawrence County through our work at the County Clerk’s Office.”

The two women have worked together since 2006 and for three of those years, Mrs. Friedel left to work upstairs from the county clerk’s offices for state Supreme Court Judge Mary M. Farley as her confidential secretary, where she said what she learned has been put to great use in the clerk’s office.

“Judge Farley’s knowledge and what they look at and what they see, and you know, I learned a whole heck of a lot,” Mrs. Friedel told the Times. “And learning everything I have learned up there has helped immensely with the paper flow (in the county clerk’s office).”

But the isolation from the public among other things were why, when former County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp had the chance to bring her back into the office, Mrs. Friedel said she jumped on the opportunity.

“It was too tough,” Mrs. Friedel said. “Up there is very quiet, it’s behind closed doors . . . It was very closed off. You have no public interaction at all, very minimal. I love to help people. I love to be at the counter and fix problems and that’s my thing.”

Additionally, Mrs. Santamoor told the Times Mrs. Friedel’s experience compliments what she will bring to the table as county clerk.

“She definitely has more experience in this office in particular than I do,” Mrs. Santamoor said. “My experience is more out back with records and that sort of thing, because that is where I was working and she was working right here, at the counter and on these computers. She is a go-getter.”

Mrs. Friedel lives in Colton with her husband Kevin and their four children Hailey, Eric, Carli and Brady. She will take on her new responsibilities Jan. 1.

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