CANTON — Funding to start the design phase of reconstructing the Talcville Road Bridge over the Oswegatchie River was approved Monday night by the St. Lawrence County Legislature.

Legislators agreed to transfer $400,000 from the county Highway Department’s fund balance and put it toward the Talcville Road bridge project, town of Edwards.

Highway Superintendent Donald R. Chambers said the funding will be used for design work and for the steel material that will be used on the new span.

The actual reconstruction won’t start until next year, but this allows the county to purchase the steel ahead of time and finance the project over a two-year time period, rather than all in one year, Mr. Chambers said.

“The steel will be delivered this winter so it’s ready to be used next season,” Mr. Chambers said.

Lawmakers agreed to hire Delta Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors, DPC, to provide the engineering work for the Talcville Road project at a fee not to exceed $21,700.

The Talcville Road bridge will be fully funded with county tax dollars.

Due to deterioration, Mr. Chambers said the bridge’s posted weight limit has been reduced from 20 tons to five tons.

This summer, the county is reconstructing three bridges: County Route 35, town of Potsdam; Sullivan Road, town of Stockholm and Brouse Road, town of Norfolk.

The county is also doing preliminary work on the County Route 35 bridge.

In related news, the county Highway Department added $544,047 to the revenue side of its 2019 budget because the state agreed to restore funding it provides through the Extreme Winter Recovery program. Originally the 2019-2020 state budget eliminated the EWR funds, but they were later restored.

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